This is Duke, a super Springer Spaniel who just landed himself a top job with HM Prison Service. Earlier this year Duke was found sadly and forlornly wandering around the streets, and has for the past month been living in foster care in Lytham. However, thanks to a Lancashire animal charity, Homeless Hounds, we can share a story with a happy ending for the once rejected and dejected Duke as this lovely dog has now been adopted by HM Prison Service as a sniffer hound, detecting crime in the county’s prisons.

For the past month, Duke, who is thought to be about five years old, has been fostered in Lytham by animal lover Emma Roberts. Duke has now left Emma’s care to begin his new high profile job – as a sniffer dog in local prisons.
The Lancashire Post reported Emma as saying, ‘Duke went back to rescue last week awaiting his next chapter and I’m absolutely blown away and so happy that he’s been given this fabulous opportunity. We think it is absolutely perfect for him and we hope he’ll love his new role and have a fabulous career with the prison service. From homeless hound to sniffer dog, we wish him all the luck in the world for the future. Well done Duke!’

Indeed, Duke is well suited to his new role as Springer Spaniels are considered the best sniffer dogs for the detection of explosives, guns and illegal drugs – and Duke has already been assessed as being first rate for his new job. Duke has now commenced an intensive training period of up to fourteen weeks.

This is yet another success story for Homeless Hounds, a local charity that aims to rescue and re-home, abandoned and abused dogs from the streets of Lancashire, giving them a second chance at a life filled with love and security. You can find out more about this charity on their website