Although most visitors welcomed the reopening of Lytham Hall this weekend following four months of closure, staff have said that there were a minority of ‘nasty’ visitors who did not want to comply with track and trace regulations.

The Hall, like so many venues, has introduced new safeguarding measures including a one way system round the grounds, social distancing rules and establishing the necessary track and trace system for visitors to the Hall. And it was this latter aspect which staff say was met with animosity by a few visitors during the eagerly anticipated first weekend of reopening.


‘It was only a couple of people but they did get quite nasty about it,’ General Manager Paul Anthony told Lancashire Live. ‘We have to take people’s name and contact details and then we destroy them after twenty-one days but people were acting like we were going to sell their details on or we were Russian spies. Some were verbally abusive. There was the odd person that would walk the wrong way round the one way system, which I can understand if you are not fully fit and able but when able bodied people are doing it isn’t good. But you can’t police everything.’


In the Lancashire Live report, Paul reminded potential visitors to Lytham Hall that they must comply with Covid-19 regulations if they want to enjoy the country house. Track and trace regulations were introduced not only at Lytham Hall but also across bars, clubs, pubs, theatres and other venues to help combat the further spread of coronavirus.

General Manager Paul Anthony concluded by saying: ‘We just want people to follow the rules, if you want to come you need to comply, that’s that. Get on with it, we’re all in this together. I would like to thank the 99 per cent of visitors who were absolutely wonderful, it was great to see so many happy faces.’