Tram bam thank you, ma’am! Former Ansdell & Fairhaven Tram Shelter Now a Sex Stop!

Residents in Ansdell & Fairhaven are RAGING as the former tram shelter is being used for randy locals to engage in sexual activities.

Ansdell resident Maude contacted Lytham St Annes News to express her dismay at the recent “goings-on”.

“Yesterday early evening I was going past the tram shelter on my walk to Granny’s Bay, I could hear a loud repeating clapping noise and what I thought was someone having an asthma attack.  I was worried for the person so I thought they may need my help, or first-aid.  To my horror I saw a couple in their early twenties having full-on sex.  I was absolutely horrified as it was still day-light and this made me feel sick to my stomach.  I have never witnessed anything like this”.  Mortified Maude added “I couldn’t continue my walk I was that upset, I walked home in tears and had to go to bed early and I’ve had flashbacks all day”.

Another person named Linda Paterson Hoey wrote on a community group “My daughter has walked past the lovely tram shelter a couple of times in the past week only to see people having sex in it. I don’t live in Ansdell so unsure if this is something that is a common problem there or if this is something i need to report to the police or the council but thought it best to warn people that it might be best to tell your kids to steer clear of it.”

Paul from St Annes told Lytham St Annes News “I often see used condoms in this shelter quite regularly, however the volume of the condoms has increased.  This is more than one person”.

The nearby area Fairhaven Lake is notorious for doggers, so this brings fear to the local community that there maybe random sex shows going on and becoming more frequent



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