The temperament of a troll

Lytham and St Anne’s has had its fair share of trolling allegations and counter allegations in both public and local council circles concerning troll abuse.  Also there are several Facebook groups in the area which are a breeding ground for cyber-bullies and often also allow racist content.  One angry Lytham mother told Lytham St Annes News “My daughter is 19 and enjoys discussing matters on local Facebook pages with friends and also strangers, a debate about the Coronavirus got a little out of hand and one of the posters called my daughter a fat ginger c**t.   She was absolutely devastated and inconsolable for days.  She isn’t working at the moment and has anxiety issues. It’s cruel as she isn’t that big really”.

Have you been a victim of an anonymous online bully who displays sadistic tendencies, whilst hiding behind fraudulent identities on chat rooms, Facebook, YouTube, etc?
Researchers from Winnipeg conducted a study on the disposition characteristics of internet trolls. Specifically, they explored whether trolls reported the personality traits of:
• Machiavellianism – willingness to manipulate and deceive others
• narcissism – grandiosity and entitlement
• psychopathy – lacking remorse and empathy
• sadism – taking pleasure in the suffering of others
They found clear evidence that trolling is associated specifically with self-acknowledged sadism (and to a lesser degree with Machiavellianism).

Do you know anyone who displays these disturbing character traits?

Trolls were found to act as they do mainly because they found it to be enjoyable.
Researchers concluded: “Sadists just want to have fun … and the internet is their playground!”
It was furthermore concluded that cyber-trolling appears to be an Internet manifestation of everyday ‘sadism’.
Trolls may belong to the following groups.
Bored younger people with social axes to grind against others.
Rancorous politicians who feel they know better than others and wish to promote misleading propaganda.
Mentally deranged individuals with no supervision or lack of proper medication.
Unhappy or sexually dysfunctional men/women with no friends.
Religious fanatics who claim to have all the right answers to life.
Drug and alcohol abusers who fail to realise they have a growing problem.
Sadists having online fun – at your expense.

Erin Buckels, lead researcher with the University of Manitoba said, “The relationship between sadism and trolling was almost entirely due to the enjoyment they experience while trolling. Everyday sadists do not have a hidden agenda; they simply want to have fun, and trolling is one way that they can have fun online.
“In general, our results suggest that online trolls are also cruel to others in real life,” Buckels explained.
“At the same time, the anonymity provided by the Internet may allow sadists to express their cruelty more easily online. So, at the very least, they want to be cruel to others in real life, but they may find it harder to do so.”

Internet trolls are sadists and psychopaths: Canadian study

Do you know an online coward who displays sadistic tendencies, whilst hiding behind a series of false identities on chat rooms, Facebook, YouTube, etc?

Exposing these psychologically–challenged human beings is however possible and, under the right circumstances, prosecution has occurred. Their anonymity is fleeting and these cowards can be traced.

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