Two Callouts Yesterday In Freezing Weather For Our Brave HM Lytham Coastguard Volunteers

HM Lytham Coastguard volunteers were called out at 23.51 yesterday night (23.01.21) to reports of a vulnerable person around the Tower area. Our volunteer Coastguard Rescue Officers arrived on scene and spoke with the casualty until the police arrived at which point they took the casualty into their care.

The volunteers had been called out earlier yesterday evening at 18.45 to reports of a person in the water around the Central Pier area. They arrived on scene and gathered information about the casualty, who was well known by all services on scene. Our Lytham Coastguard volunteers together with HM Coastguard Fleetwood and RNLI Blackpool all immediately began searching the area. After searching the area, including the Central Beach and two piers for over two hours, information was received from the Police that this person could actually be on the Sand Dunes near Lytham Coastguard Station. The Coastguard teams quickly repositioned on the Dunes and organised themselves into several search teams. They then commenced a number of line searches over the dunes. After searching the area for around thirty minutes, a further update was received that the person had been possibly spotted near South Pier. They then relocated search teams into that area and commenced a further search. After searching this area, following discussions between the Coastguard Operations Centre in North Wales and Lancashire Police, the HM Coastguard teams were stood down at 21:30. It was determined that the casualty was inland.

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