A  citizen became a hero today after apprehending two thieves stealing from Lytham town centre.  The local citizen has told Lytham St Annes News his account of what happened today 21/05/2010 on South Clifton Street.

“I witnessed one robbing from Lytham Booths but he got pulled up by staff at the door I went to get my mum’s grapes as planned 🍇
I took a little drive round Lytham to see if I could see him and by chance male number 1 and his driver pulled out of the street across from me so I followed them at distance knowing they would probably try again.  They did at Sainsbury’s Lytham.
I’d already made a 999 call. I went into Sainsbury’s to tag him and he walked right past me with goods from the back aisle. Followed him down back alley told him to drop the stuff.
Which he did. Then he walked off. His driver was round corner so I couldn’t walk past the van or I could have been hit by it or I would have had 2 of them onto me.
Man 1 walks Queen’s direction. Van waits.  Police box it in 😀  Stolen goods in the back both arrested after the other came back and went for me not knowing the police were there as we were in alley ”