U-turn as Blackpool Fracking Wells Given A Stay Of Execution By Regulator

Regulators, the North Sea Transition Authority (NSTA), have today lifted an order for the fracking wells near Blackpool to be capped with concrete. Therefore, the fracking company Cuadrilla will not have to permanently seal up the shale gas wells at the end of June, as previously instructed by regulators.

Cuadrilla Chief Executive Francis Egan said: ‘I would like to thank the Prime Minister and the Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng for seeing the light and realising – just in time – how absurd it would have been to force us to pour concrete down Britain’s only two viable shale gas wells in the middle of an energy crisis.’  The company said the wells would now be temporarily plugged and suspended until at least the end of June next year.

The North Sea Transition Authority (NSTA) said: ‘Cuadrilla applied for consent to keep its two Preston New Road wells and Elswick well on 28 March 2022. The NSTA has looked carefully at this application, alongside recent developments, and agreed to withdraw the requirement to decommission the wells by the end of June. Cuadrilla now have until the end of June next year to evaluate options for the Preston New Road and Elswick sites.’

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been under pressure from Conservative MPs to end a 2019 moratorium on fracking. The move comes ahead of the publication of the government’s delayed energy strategy.


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  1. The positive comments concerning this development show clearly that we have some of the thickest people in England living in our midst. Stupidity has no limits.

  2. Can you actually explain why in your opinion .. the people making positive comments … are in your words … “stupid”? 🤔

  3. It’s stupid to cause earthquakes.
    It’s stupid to think fracking will mean affordable energy
    It’s stupid to go on using causing environmental damage
    It’s stupid to contribute further to global warming
    I think you must have heard these arguments before.
    If not then you must be….

  4. Of course it’s stupidity!
    The Americans tried it and it came to the conclusion it was environmentally disastrous.
    Neither was it affordable.
    The efforts of those brave protesters who achieved the closing down of our fracking sites to make our region a safer place to live again, was all in vain.
    Thanks to stupidity.
    Energy crisis or not, fracking is NOT the way to go.
    Use your common sense.

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