Urgent Appeal: Missing Tortoise from Fairhaven

As tortoise hibernation season approaches, and the colder nights setting in, a distraught resident has put an urgent appeal to try and find the beloved family pet.  Kenya Mullany wrote on her social media page:

“LOST! This large male Spur Thighed Tortoise has gone missing from my Dad’s garden in Fairhaven. He was last seen yesterday morning when he was fed. This is a much loved family pet, we have searched high and low in the garden but cannot find him and my father is distraught. Please keep a look out and if found please call 07599 794734 so he can be reunited with his owner”.

The tortoise has lived in the garden for 30 years so this is very out of character behaviour as he is a “creature of habit”

The family have checked their garden thoroughly as they usually see the top of him when he attempts to hibernate, and they know all the corners he can be found.  This is why the family are certain the tortoise has left the dwelling.


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