URGENT Warning for all Lytham St Annes Dog Owners – As Giant Hogweed Left Untreated

Lytham St Anne’s Dog Owners are advised to take extreme caution with the rapid spread of the poisonous plant Hogweed.

According to the Mersey Basin Rivers Trust, Hogweed is a large weed with white umbrella-shaped flower heads, it has reddish-purple stems with fine spines and spotted leaf stalks, the weed can grow approximately 13ft (4m) high and has leaves up to 5ft (1.5m) wide.

Giant Hogweed produces a toxic sap. This sap can make skin very sensitive to sunlight, causing long-term or even permanent blistering and scarring. It has even caused permanent blindness if exposed to the eyes. The advise if you touch giant hogweed is to cover the affected area and wash with soap and water and then report to a vet if a reaction starts.

The ‘most dangerous plant in Britain’ has recently been spotted in Preston pavements and has promoted the council to take action. Other major sightings have been reported in Glasgow and East Lothian.

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