Used Coronavirus Personal Protection items left in the street.

Due to coronavirus fears, It’s understandable that someone would want to wear a mask and gloves when doing a quick shop in the local supermarket – but to remove them and chuck them away once outside is beyond belief!

This has happened outside Lidl in Squires Gate Lane Friday where a resident found a blue personal protection mask carelessly discarded in the roadway.

A short walk around the corner, on Squires Gate Lane revealed a used latex glove, lying on the pavement.

The horrified resident was angry, ” It’s  unbelievable that someone could be irresponsible enough to wear these things and just throw them away, possibly even tossing them out of a car window, as they drove off. Everyone knows that contact with someone’s mouth is a way to catch Covid 19.”

‘We’re all in it together’ is a slogan well used by the Government, as we all try to isolate and social distance to protect the vulnerable. However, it seems that some people are just interested in looking after number 1.

 By Debra Preston Helle

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