Leafy Lytham vegans were left hugely disappointed, and very hungry, after visiting local pasty shop Greggs on Clifton Street today (10/01/2020) when they discovered the store wasn’t stocking the heavily promoted Vegan Steak Bakes in the near future.

A sign was put on the wall to state that the steak bake isn’t being sold at the Lytham branch, but will be soon.

Well-known St Anne’s property magnate, homeless feeder and “Super Hero In Training” Tracie Blaze told Lytham St Anne’s News “I single-handedly drove three people to Greggs that needed feeding, one of them who was a vegan.  I felt so sorry for him that he couldn’t be fed and he was really embarrassed and felt really left out. I comforted him after he had calmed down with a vegan pot noodle I had left over from one of my many collections I do for the homeless in the area.  This situation has really put my nose out of joint, I am so annoyed!”

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