Vexed visitor is FUMING at Lytham Locals

Visitors from Preston have gotten in touch with Lytham St Annes News to express their disbelief after their visit to Lytham this weekend.

Keith and Catherine Larkham came for a day out and stroll around Fairhaven Lake after enduring lockdown in Spain for weeks. The couple stated that they “could not believe what we were seeing”.

They continued, “Our stroll around Fairhaven Lake turned into an avoid everybody exercise.”

The couple were shocked that not one member of the public around the lake were wearing masks in a public place. The couple wrote:

“We just want know as we were visitors to Lytham and fairhaven lake at the weekend why out of literally thousands of people in and around this area, Nobody and we mean nobody were wearing masks. We have endured lockdowns in Spain for weeks and months fully policed by the armed forces and successfully adhered to, but in Lytham not even a police officer anywhere to challenge all these people who are basically murderers in the making. SO PLEASE can anyone explain why??”

The couple who came from Preston believed that anyone not wearing a mask could be deemed a “murderer” in the face of the pandemic.

Keith and Catherine have returned to Preston and are still in shock over their visit to Lytham over the weekend.


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