Vulgar Vandalism of Lytham’s Historic Mussel Tank 😡

A local named Kris Cook has reported the mindless vandalism of Lytham’s historic Mussel Tank.

The Mussel tanks were built in 1934 to to enable fishermen to clean their catch after several outbreaks of food poisoning linked to eating shellfish caught in the Ribble Estuary.

They cost Lancashire County Council £8000 to build and were opened in 1935 by the Chair of the Mussels Purification Sub-Committee. They were for use by members of the Lytham and Banks Fisherman’s Co-operative Society.

Unfortunately, a bored local (potentially an out of towner) has taken it upon themselves to ‘decorate’ the Mussel Tank with vulgar graffiti.

Many locals are disgusted with this behaviour, stating that they can’t understand why someone would take joy out of destroying something that doesn’t belong to them.

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