As the furlough scheme is set to end, residents of Lytham St Anne’s are at risk of being made redundant.

The scheme set up to help prevent mass unemployment has cost the government billions and is set to be ‘wound up’.

The government is concerned that people will become ‘addicted’ and become unwilling to return to work and is, therefore, seeking to gradually end the furlough scheme.

However, expert Andrew Sanford has warned about the possibility of redundancy and stated, ‘Regrettably, with the additional costs of furloughing staff, and the inevitable restrictions likely to be in place post lockdown, businesses will have to consider whether it is economically viable to continue furloughing all of their staff and many may be made redundant.’

The reduction of the Furlough scheme could have a major impact upon the businesses of Lytham St Anne’s and therefore the region could see many job losses.