Suspected dognapping gang member filming in popular local dog walking hot spots

Suspected dognapping gang member filming in popular dog walking hot spots

As dog thefts are on the rise throughout the UK, dog walkers need to be vigilant every time they exercise their pets. Every week we report of suspicious activity around dogs, and due to the high demand for puppies over the last year, the price of puppies has rocketed, and dognapping increased. A local resident was sufficiently worried to post a warming on a popular Facebook group today. A local councillor reported this to the police. 

Whilst it is not known why this man was apparently filming dogs, hiding behind a tree, it’s unlikely it was an innocent wildlife photographer. Witch Wood is local beauty spot, and frequented by families and dog walkers, and was named after a horse called “The Witch”, buried within the woodland, in 1888.

This isn’t the first warning issued, several days ago a another incident occurred in Kingscote Park / Layton Medical Centre Blackpool .  The shook up local said “Please be extra vigilant when walking your dogs in and around this area. My son has just been approached by 2 males in a white Ford caddy van. 1 male grabbed our dogs lead with every intention of stealing our dog. Thankfully due too my sons quick reaction he managed too get away. This has been reported to the police, and we are just waiting for crime number. If I’d have been walking the dog I wouldn’t have stood a chance!! These guys followed my son from Kingscote Park round and down near the funeral home/chippy where they’ve then approached initially asking if our dog was for sale. Please be extra careful we could have had a very different outcome “

Lockdown has unleashed a huge epidemic of dog thefts. Demand for pups during pandemic sees crimes double as gangs switch from drugs to stealing pets. Dog thefts across the UK doubled this year as criminal gangs cashed in on soaring prices for puppies during the coronavirus lockdown. More than 300 dogs were stolen in the first half of 2020 alone, with one charity claiming that offenders normally involved in drug dealing and vehicle theft have switched to stealing dogs for the lucrative puppy trade.

Please take care when walking your dogs, one suggestion was to go in socially distanced pairs, for added safety.


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