Warton Councillor Shares A Heartfelt Message Centred On Priorities Of Fylde Council

Warton Councillor Julie Brickles has shared her deep and  heartfelt thoughts regarding the values which underpin the current local and national focus for expenditure when contrasted with the day-to-day hardship faced by members of the local community. Councillor Brickles has recently been re-elected for her forth term of office serving as  an Independent Fylde Borough Councillor for Warton.

Councillor Brickles has said:

‘Yesterday, today, tomorrow and Friday I will spend hours cooking and baking for people in need. Some are able to microwave dishes – others eat only cold. I make everything to be eaten cold, wraps, sandwiches, pizza, vegetarian, no salt or sugar for children I could go on but that’s not my point really.

It was Mayor making today, I’ve not been for years but I watched it in the kitchen, made me cry. I cook for one lady that lives on basic sick pay; I cook for some that both work full time yet they still struggle to feed themselves. 12 years of cuts, a crisis, yet the man with a 74 million pound fortune tells us it our fault, we get tips about buying a new kettle, putting foil down the back of radiators, really!

On the 20th of May 2020, Boris and number 10 partied, on the 23rd my son left his house and partner, alone and surrounded by strangers.  At 26 he died, my poor baby, we followed the rules, 10 at the funeral, I never saw him because I followed the rules !

What’s happening at the moment in Westminster is yet again a national disgrace!

I have been Fylde Borough Council for twelve years and have been returned for my 4th term and it’s the ultimate honour

But the people that seemed able to stand under the blue banner?

I’ve never been treated as the Councillor which I am !

This disrespects democracy and the people that elected me

Did you know the corporate plan has been decided by the ruling group at a cost to YOU the tax payers who are struggling to stay warm?

Did you know I have never been invited to a photo opportunity recently. They gained publicity at tax payers’ expense by pronouncing THEY handed out grants to local businesses of 10,000 pounds, whilst not spending a penny, but I’m not aware of them spending one penny of their huge fortune that they brag about, whilst you the tax payer struggle to feed yourselves

I don’t know who paid for today? But as I stood making cold food for people who cannot warm it and cried at the extravagant ceremony I watched. The Mayor sat in front of huge flower arrangements whilst you, have to ask for donations of clothes. Huge arrangements handed out to Aldermans’ wives, whilst you the taxpayer struggle to treat your children Extravagant buffets when a cup of tea and a cake would be ok

I would imagine the money came from you!

It could have come from the Mayor’s Charity’s fund, even worse in my opinion as it’s for charity!

Why not cut this extravagance and donate the money to food banks?

The Mayor announced her Civic Sunday, Warton have never had one and I’ve never attended one, they are just an opportunity to strut around in chains saying look at me! All this is a cost, whilst you cannot go away for even a day!

I’ve been kept in the dark for twelve years, but I refuse to anymore!

I am a Councillor and I intend to tell everyone the elitism that stops me from doing my job

If you keep mushrooms in the dark, they tend to grow!

Please challenge this behaviour

A final couple of thoughts

At the last election a news man asked a person leaving how he had voted, he said, ‘I’ve voted Conservative because under Labour we got nothing, under Conservative they have given us 3 food banks.’

Shame on you for disrespecting the residents of Fylde.’


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