Watch Out For Boris’ Brand New £2.6million Media Room On Monday’s Update To The Nation!

Work on the Prime Minister’s brand new £2.6million media room has been completed.  The White House-style media briefing room, complete with four Union flags, has been built next door to 10 Downing Street in 9 Downing Street – home of the current Tory Chief Whip, Mark Spencer (not Marks & Spencer).  Boris Johnson will use this media briefing room for the very first time this coming Monday 29th March as he hosts a press conference to update the nation on his lockdown exit roadmap. However, given coronavirus restrictions no journalists will be allowed in to the briefings to begin with.

It has also been reported that, at this press conference, Boris Johnson is planning to ditch the ‘Stay Alert, Control The Virus, Save Lives’ slogan. According to The Sun, there will be a new ‘Let’s Take This Next Step Safely’ slogan which will appear on Government adverts when the stay at home order is dropped from Monday.

Labour have branded the hi-tech refurbishment in Number Nine Downing Street a ‘vanity project’.  Angela Rayner, deputy Leader of the Labour Party, said: ‘A nurse would have to work for 100 years to earn this kind of money. The Conservatives have wasted £2.6 million of taxpayers’ money on a pointless vanity project, while cutting the pay of nurses and our NHS heroes.’

The photographs are courtesy of ITN News.

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