If you remember sweets from yesteryear, like Spangles, assorted flavoured Toffo, and Fry’s Five Centre Chocolate Cream, you may well spot in Lytham St. Anne’s shops the newly revived Marathon Bars. Conveniently coinciding with ‘Making Memories in St. Anne’s’, Mars Wrigley have announced that they are bringing back the original Marathon chocolate bars, first created in the 1930s, to UK shelves for a limited period.  For decades, Marathon was a well-loved brand, but it disappeared thirty years ago, in 1990, when it was renamed Snickers.  This then matched the American name.

Marathon is being made available in selected supermarkets and stores now, so watch out for the return of this classic brand during the next three months.  Meanwhile, which sweets and sweet shops do you remember from your childhood?  Here’s a few reminders………the ones you recall will reveal your age!

Fry’s 5 Centre – last sold 1992

Spangles were discontinued in 1984

Toffo were discontinued in 2008

Cabana last sold in 1992

Mingles were discontinued in 2011

54321 last sold 1989

Tiffin was last sold in 2003

Milk Tray in a bar was last sold in 1981

These Weekend chocolates were always popular at Christmas