It’s thought that SAUSAGE has links to Blackpool….. Who do YOU think is behind the SAUSAGE ?

ITV’s the Masked Singer is the ‘marmite’ programme of Saturday night prime time telly. There’s a lot of chatter with regards to the VT showing what many people believe is one of the Blackpool piers, and the Tower Ballroom. Who do you think SAUSAGE could be?

Sausage gave a mustard performance!!

What are the clues so far?

The VT looks like it’s been shot on location at one of the Blackpool Piers.

There’s a link to newspaper, could this be to wrap fish and chips in, like you would have had at the seaside years ago, or is it reference to a newsreader, or someone IN the news? SAUSAGE also mentioned a ‘balancing act’, and the judges felt that the mystery person was “quite young”………

There’s also a cafe menu with “Billie’s café” on it? Is this significant? One of the clues was also that SAUSAGE is a “bit of a tomboy”…… And it’s clear that SAUSAGE has an amazing voice, with the judges leaning towards the belief that it’s a professional singer of some kind.

Hot favourites for SAUSAGE include Amanda Holden, Sheridan Smith, Ella Henderson, Maya Jama, Billie Piper and Stacey Solomon.

Who do you think SAUSAGE really is?

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