‘Why is my lovely Christian name now used in such an insulting, derogatory manner?  Please stop it!?’  That is the plea from one of our valued readers, Karen Lime, who has been driven to sharing her upset with Lytham St. Anne’s News

For Karen, this recent incident seems to have brought this upsetting matter to a head! ‘Yesterday, I courteously reminded a fellow passenger on the 17 bus that he should be wearing a face mask as required – and he responded by telling me to shut up – don’t be a Karen! This man didn’t even know my name – but people who do know my name also say ‘don’t be a Karen’ to so many of my comments. And it gets worse, sometimes when I ask for something, the response is a roll of the eyes and the sarcastic statement ‘Okay, KAREN!’  I am not a snowflake –but I now feel discriminated against because of my name.


Karen also pointed out that this is now effecting other Karens, Indeed, in a survey of over 5,000 respondents Gigacaculator.com have listed the names potential parents would never call their children.  Whilst for boys it’s currently Boris – for girls it’s Karen!

A Karen is defined on Quora in this way: A “Karen” is typically a woman between the ages of 30–60 who likely has children and has the air of a suburban mother. However, what is most distinctive and important to notice about a “Karen” is that she is incredibly entitled, nosy, and belligerent. “Karen” is almost always used as a slur for these kind of women who refuse to treat other people decently.

Even Wikipedia has a definition beginning with: Karen is a pejorative term used in the USA and other English-speaking countries for a woman perceived to be entitled or demanding beyond the scope of what is considered appropriate or necessary.

Will Karen’s plea be heard, will she just have to grin and bear it, will she have to change her name, or will she just have to stop being a ……………..?