Why Was Blackpool Tower Lit Up In Pink Last Night?

Blackpool Tower glowed brightly in an iridescent, dazzling pink last night (Thursday 20th May).  Many have asked why?  Lancashire Live have shared the news that this was a very special ‘gender reveal’ celebration animatedly announcing that the parents–to-be were expecting a baby girl!

These parents-to-be were Blackpool couple Nick Easton and Amberleigh Duckworth.  Having received the exciting information about their baby’s gender in a firmly sealed envelope, they entrusted the special envelope to the Blackpool Tower lighting team who were tasked to carefully arrange the big reveal. Expectant parents, Nick and Amberleigh, together with their family and friends were all excitedly gathered on the Promenade last night as the Tower lights were switched on and turned PINK.  Their chosen name for a girl – Harperleigh Jade – also ran through the Tower’s heart.

Children’s home senior residential care worker and mother-to-be, Amberleigh told Lancashire Live, ‘With everything that has happened over the past year with COVID-19, we wanted to do something very special that our family and friends could look forward to. We both knew The Blackpool Tower celebrated occasions such as Valentine’s Day and St Patrick’s Day and wondered if it would even be possible for it to celebrate our event too. We had a 4D scan done at Window To The Womb clinic in Blackburn and asked them not to tell us the gender. They asked us to close our eyes and told us not to peek whilst they checked for our baby’s gender. They then had the information put into a sealed envelope and told us to hand it to the person organising the reveal. It was a very hard, but exciting, car journey home, knowing what was in the envelope and knowing we were about to just hand it over to someone else to find out before us.’

The happy couple were pictured in the Daily Mirror:

For a £500 fee, you too can also request to light up the tower and its heart in colours of your choosing to mark personal events, such as birthdays, anniversaries or weddings. Simply go to for more information.

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