Will Rishi Sunak’s Five Promises To Sort The Economy, Health & Immigration Meet The Challenges Ahead?

Prime Minster Rishi Sunak has today (Wednesday 7th January) has pledged to halve inflation and bring down NHS waiting lists among his five promises to voters as his government grapples with an NHS under severe pressure and a continuing wave of strikes.  His pledges are:

  1. We will halve inflation this year to ease the cost of living and give people financial security.
  2. We will grow the economy, creating better-paid jobs and opportunity right across the country.
  3. We will make sure our national debt is falling so that we can secure the future of public services.
  4. We will ensure NHS waiting lists will fall and people will get the care they need more quickly.
  5. We will pass new laws to stop small boats, making sure that if you come to this country illegally, you are detained and swiftly removed.

The Prime Minister also aims to ensure all school pupils in England study Mathematics in some form until the age of 18. Rishi Sunak said he wanted people to feel confident when it came to finances ensuring that they are assured with all aspects of economics such as mortgage deals.


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  1. Rishi’s 5 promises:
    1. I promise to make myself famous (I really love being PM).
    2. I promise to feed you the same old conservative claptrap.
    3. I promise to seem sincere but actually be a self-serving opportunist out to make myself as rich as my wife.
    4. I promise to make YOU poorer.
    5. I promise to continue the Conservative pledge to drive this country into poverty.

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