Fylde Council pick up the repair costs again.

Huge numbers of teenagers were seen partying last night at Lytham Windmill and the nearby shelter. This caused great concern to the community, as Lytham St. Annes High School had virtually closed due to rising positive Covid-19 cases, and St. Bedes were also sending certain groups home, yet teenagers gathered in large closely knit numbers yesterday evening.

Fylde Council have made a statement outlining their disgust, at what can only be classed as “yobbish behaviour” –

‼️ Lytham Windmill shelter damage ‼️

“We’re devastated at the damage that has been caused to the shelter near the windmill. 😔

A witness informs us a large group of teenagers were here yesterday evening.

Please can we ask that if you know your child visits this area with their friends that you remind them the dangers of causing such damage to historic structures.

Our team will now begin the repairs so it can be enjoyed safely again.”

Whilst we understand that it’s been a tough year for teenagers, and now a second summer of cancelled events and restrictions, this is just loutish vandalism.

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