WonderHall ‘Waterfall’ – A Shameful Stomach Turning Scene For Shocked Festival Goer

A shocked well-known resident, Tim Armit, has posted on his page sickening details of a stomach turning scene he witnessed at first-hand during Saturday night’s WonderHall. An undestandably horrified and disgusted Tim graphically writes, ‘Just before Marc Almond this delightful, disgusting, filthy woman leaning on the barrier at the stage pulls her knickers to the side and takes a piss all over her shoes and bouncing on us around her. Let’s it run down her legs. Then filthy creature she is gets some tissues hitches her dress up at the front, wipes and dumps the tissues on the floor. Lovely, class. Lady beside me told her off, as she was splashed, and her mate tried to defend it!! Squire Clifton would be shocked. So Tossers the dirtiest people to watch for are white women in their 30s in ok dresses who just piss themselves and dump trash. Daft thing was while she was performing this with a watching audience in shock, my partner popped to the loo and back in about the same time. Dirty girl, wet shoes, dress and knickers.’

Barbara Holmes added, ‘Security should have escorted her off the Lytham Hall grounds.’

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