Work Begins To Improve Sloping Gradient On Lytham Green

Groundwork has commenced today to improve the sloping gradient on Lytham Green.  This has been funded by Cuffe and Taylor, the Preston-based event planners of the Lytham Festival, and will involve removing the step in the middle of the Green which impacts on many activities and regular events. The project is being carried out by BPG Contractors Limited and is expected to take four or five weeks to complete.  During this time the grass will be removed and then re-established following the creation of a soft gradient.

Councillor Michael Sayward, Chairperson of the Lytham Council Tourism and Leisure Committee said, ‘Lytham Green is a treasured attraction of the Borough and has long been a source of great delight.’

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  1. Interesting to see the development. Just a pity a sign was not erected to say what work was being done and why – that can be observed from the road. Living in the Fylde I may have missed news of this.
    I may be mistaken but are there foundations being laid around the area to provide anchorage for future stadia for Festival, albeit hidden when not needed and also drainage and sewer provisions? Would make sense.
    Wish the work well and look forward to the green being totally as it should be, green with perhaps a less sloping area.

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