Worrying information from Holland House Surgery Lytham.

New symptoms are now recognised.

An official statement from the practice in Lytham – 🦠COVID19 cases are continuing to rise in our area.

😷Along with the 3 main symptoms of New Continuous Cough, Temperature, Loss of Smell/Taste there are new symptoms associated with the Delta variant

‼️New Covid symptoms to look out for :

🤕Long-lasting headache
🤧Blocked or runny nose
💪🏼Aching muscles
🤒Sore throat
😴Feeling tired and unwell

🦠If you have any of these or the main 3 symptoms list above also DO NOT take a Lateral Flow test,please book a PCR test by calling 119 or Only leaving your home to get the test, then isolate whist awaiting the results.

🌈Let’s do this for Lancashire and help protect all our loved ones.


Interesting advice regarding the Lateral Flow test. Are these now regarded as pretty unreliable?

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