Would banning children being driven to school improve air quality?
A former retired health and safety officer who has taken a keen interest in the environment has been doing a study on air quality and pollution. Roy Ambrose, 72, from Freckleton states that if parents didn’t run their children to school in their motorcars the air would be safer.

He stated that “if free public transport for school children was available, and a better investment in walking and cycling with safe routes this would be feasible. Rather than the government trying to enforce a Clean Air Policy in 2022 which is phasing out bituminous coal and wet wood, the problem lies with all the unnecessary journeys parents are making on the school-run, when the majority of them actually live within a stones-throw away from the school”.
Roy added “while studying poor air-quality it is evident that it is the cause for a lot of premature deaths, as well as poor air-quality affecting children and babies. Also new facts are emerging of low-IQ’s as a result of the poor air-quality”.

Roy finally added “I think the government should announce a ban, and then mothers could be prepared to walk their children to school or use public transport as the country phases out driving children to school”.


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