Yet Another High-Risk Sex Offender Breaches Notification Requirements – Have You Seen Him?

Blackpool Police are hunting a 39-year-old rapist, Darren Wright, who is also known as Darren Teasdale, who has not registered a new home address which is in breach of his sex offender notification requirements.

Wright is wanted on recall to prison for a breach of his licence, having been convicted of rape in February 2009.

He is 6ft 2, of very slim build, with short ginger hair. Wright has links in the Blackpool area.

📞 Any sightings of Wright or information about where he might be, contact or ring 101.

Residents are unhappy that this seems to keep happening. Lucy Lloyd said, ‘How and why does this keep happening? Iif he’s that much of a risk don’t let him out let alone letting him out with no known address lock them up and throw away the key letting him out when he’s a risk to society makes no sense!’

Amanda Bell said, ‘Another one! What the hell is going on. If these individuals are a risk surely they shouldn’t be allowed out of prison in first place. Not blaming the police for this at all, it’s our bloody justice system failing again.’

Nicola Benson agreed and offered a solution, ‘They need to be chipped and then tracked for life so you know their whereabouts. I hate the fact I’ve children growing up and these evil disgusting things are wandering free to do what they want. Makes me so mad! This day and age where there are cameras monitoring our moves how can you lose a predator?’

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