YouTuber Arrested & Fined After Searching For Nicola Bulley

Thirty-six year old social influencer Dan Duffy has posted a video of himself being arrested by Lancashire Police officers on ‘Exploring with Danny’ – his YouTube channel which has over 200,000 subscribers .

Duffy, of Darwen, claims he was held in police custody for 20 hours after being arrested last Friday for a public order offence. The YouTuber and TikTok inluencer, who posted footage of his arrest on-line, says he was also fined £90.

Lancashire Police confirmed that he was handed a fixed penalty notice under section 4 of the Public Order Act: fear or provocation of violence.

In the arrest video, the YouTuber said: ‘Hi guys, I’m being arrested on a public order offence. They’ve had an allegation. As you all know I was in the search to find the missing woman Nicola but this is what this country’s turning into. “No freedom of speech.”  The clip then showed him giving a one-finger salute on both hands before getting into the police van.

In previous clips posted to his channel, Mr Duffy said he joined the search because he ‘wants some answers’ and there are ‘a lot of conspiracy theories flying around on the internet’. He also said that he had ‘actually been in people’s back gardens at night-time with torches’.

In a statement, Lancashire Police said: ‘A 36-year-old man from Darwen was arrested under Section 4 of the Public Order Act – Fear/Provocation of Violence. He was given a Fixed Penalty Notice.’

Police added that no other person had been handed a fixed penalty notice in relation to the search.


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