LIFE IN LOCKDOWN – The hilarious, quirky and relatable book by talented locals Kelly Farrington & Tim Wells

On 23rd March 2020, Boris Johnson announced a national lockdown.  Like many in the UK, two local Lytham lads found themselves furloughed from their day jobs. To avoid boredom the two friends put their talents to good use. One, a brilliant caricaturist (Tim) and the other, a writer and amateur poet (Kelly). They combined our skills to create a book called Life in Lockdown which they self-published in both an e-book (free to Amazon Prime members) and paperback formats.

The poems are a mix of the funny and serious. For example, whilst Ode to the Stockpiling Twits and Stressed Pet will raise a few smiles, the deadly serious Journey into The Inferno is a Dante-inspired tribute to the bravery of NHS workers.

The cartoons include many lampoons and caricatures. From Boris, to Trump, Cummings to George Floyd; they bring the detail of spring and summer to life in vivid colour. The story of lockdown is covered chronologically, detailing events as they unfolded. It is amazing how much we all tend to forget. As author Kelly Farrington explains, “We set out to create an entertaining book that will stand the test of time. One readers will keep to look back on in years to come and say, ‘Yes, I was there and that really did happen!’ “

Author Kelly and Illustrator Tim Wells

The authors have friends and family in the NHS so the subject is handled sensitively and with compassion throughout. A cartoon Corona is used as a device to relate events, but is not painted as a hero. If the book makes a profit, Kelly and Tim will dedicate 20% to local good causes impacted by the virus.

The book is available on Amazon and at other good book stockists via their online sales sites (Google Life in Lockdown by Kelly Farrington). The Lytham St Annes News team recommend the book and love the fact there is such talent living in the area.  At RRP £9.99 it makes a great stocking filler or Secret Santa gift.

You can also purchase a signed copy of the quirky book from Plackitt and Booth, Lythams local book store situated on Clifton Street. The book shop offer and online order and collect service during lockdown
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