As the Pizza Express company plan to financially restructure, a large number of their branches face the threat of closure.

It has been reported that the company is considering closing around 75 branches of the 470 Pizza Express restaurants. This is not the final number, as it is still under discussion. The decision will be be made once talks with landlords have been finalised; this could be as soon as next week. This means that around 20% of the overall chain will be liquidated.

Of course, this will impact hundreds of employees, with many job losses to come; the total employees working for the company is roughly 8000.

As many locals in Lytham choose to dine and shop locally, Pizza Express is somewhat overlooked. The customers often being tourists who choose to dine somewhere they have previously experienced.

With selected restaurants around the UK opening, it is not a good sign that Lytham’s branch remains shut. We can only assume that our restaurant is looking to be included in the 20% that will be axed from the chain. If this happens, there will be new unemployment, with Pizza Express employees looking to join our local restaurants.