UPDATE: The Station Pub release statement following rumours surrounding closure


We were notified on Wednesday (30th Sept) that a former member of staff, had tested positive for Covid 19. We did not name this person, or their former position, in the post as they had been dismissed from the Company for theft on Monday 28th September and we did not feel that this was information that needed to be shared with our followers. Needless to say, this individual has gone out of their way to post untruths about the business, which gullible individuals have picked up on.

After the notification from this ex-member of staff we subsequently closed the business shortly after hearing the news (evening of Wednesday 30th Sept) . This was done voluntarily by the Company, and most certainly wasn’t “closed down by the police.” Furthermore that night we had a specialist cleaning Company conduct a full electrostatic deep clean of all front of house and back of house areas – again under our volition, NOT because of any instruction by a 3rd party. We then subsequently opened back up as normal on Thursday lunchtime.

After taking advice from the Environmental Health Officer and Track and Trace, we agreed today that any staff or customers who were present whilst the ex-member of staff worked their final shifts with us on Tuesday 22nd, Wednesday 23rd and Saturday 26th September should be contacted in order to isolate for 14 days from the relevant date of contact. At no point have we been instructed not to open, or to close the business by any authority. We have continued to trade as normal. Indeed they have actually commented on the quality, accuracy and professionalism of the Covid-19 prevention procedures that we have in place at the Station Pub & Grill.

Had we known about the ex-member of staff’s symptoms earlier (she failed to inform us at any point that she had symptoms), or that they had actually requested a test earlier than 2 days after they had been dismissed, action could and would have been taken sooner. This individual did not self-isolate themselves either, which I believe is currently illegal and is being picked up by the relevant authorities.

As a business we have gone above and beyond the required “guidelines” by introducing the wearing of face masks, implementing a robust track and trace policy, and organising a social distancing strategy, as soon as we came out of lockdown on 4th July, and far sooner than when these guidelines became legislation. Our business has been slandered by a dishonest member of staff, but it’s a sign of the times that the injured party, ends up as the vilified victim.

We only wish to continue to provide the people of Lytham with a pub that they can enjoy great food and drinks, and some of the best entertainment on the Fylde coast (when restrictions allow) and would hope to do so without the distraction from a dishonest ex member of staff who simply wishes to throw lies and inaccuracies in our direction.


The Station Pub has announced that they have had to temporarily close due to a customer testing positive for the virus. Taking to Facebook, they have made a statement, relaying that they have deep cleaned the venue and will be closed as the staff isolate, advised by the Environmental Health Officer.

In addition, they have shared with their followers, the efforts they have made to ensure the safety of their customers and their staff, by following the guidelines laid out by the government.

However, on their Facebook post, an employee has chosen to speak up about her experience at work. She states that there was no customer who tested positive, in fact it was an employee, and the pub did not follow policy by sending them home immediately. She claims that instead, they continued to work until it was reported to the police.

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