During lockdown many restaurants faced temporary closure for months before the government allowed them to open to the public once again. However, many venues in Lytham opened for takeaway early in lockdown when there seemed to be demand for it.

One business who went out of their way during the pandemic isolation period was Farina & Co in Lytham, the Italian restaurant on Clifton Street. The restaurant spent day after day, making free pizzas for local frontline NHS staff and key workers. This support helped build community spirit, and of course fed the people who risked their lives daily to help the public suffering from the virus, to recover.

It has now been recognised by Fylde Council, the efforts that Farina & Co have put into helping their community. All the staff who worked endlessly whilst on Furlough in order to provide to the local key workers.

The restaurant has been awarded ‘Covid-19 Heroes’, with a certificate and a medallion to thank them for their efforts. The certificate has been awarded by the Mayor of Fylde, Angela Jacques.