Meet the People – Ella Lowe – The Young Entrepreneur

Our “Meet the People” series continues with The Young Entrepreneur Ella Lowe, the owner of Bubblelowe on South Westby Street.  Yesterday Lytham St Annes News had the opportunity to do a live video of this inspirational young woman’s business and now we are doing a feature to get to know who is behind the fantastic Bubblelowe!

My name is Ella Lowe I am just 18 years old and run my own business ‘BubbleLowe’ in the heart of Lytham.


My shop offers takeaway Bubble Tea, Bubble Waffles,  Milkshakes, crepes, sweets, coffees, hot chocolates and cakes.


Bubble Tea is a relatively new concept here in the UK and it is a fruit or milk tea, enhanced by Boba, which are little balls of syrup that come up through the straw and burst in your mouth!! 


When I first came up the idea I just went for it without any doubts. I’d worked hard for 2 years and saved every penny so I just thought what have I got to lose, as I’d gain experience and have fun.  As starting a university course during a pandemic didn’t seem appropriate or what I wanted to do. 









It’s been a massive learning experience but it’s the best decision I’ve ever made and met so many lovely people along the way. I’m so grateful to the local people for getting so behind me and always supports Bubblelowe with their loyal custom. 


I hope to be able to make the shop into a franchise in the near future and keep growing with time.









If you’ve never tried our bubble tea please come in and ask us any question but these are the most recommended favours. 


Popular flavours:

– Passion Fruit & Mango

– Green Apple & Lychee

– Strawberry and Blueberry 


Or try our Milk Teas such as:

– Chocolate & Strawberry

– Vanilla & Raspberry

– Matcha & Tapioca

Phone: 01253 795224

Address: 1 S Westby St, Lytham Saint Annes FY8 5JE


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