Dining at Mezem, Henry Street, Lytham

On Saturday 23rd November 2019 Lytham St Anne’s news decided to visit the latest Henry Street establishment “Mezem” which is a Turkish restaurant run by Lytham St Anne’s resident Behti Muhtarov and his team.

Behti is a fantastic host which was proven by his friendly welcome on our arrival, offering to take our jackets and sit us down to a table of our choosing and comfort.

Mezem has a really clean decor with and has been decorated very stylishly.  It also boasts its own pizza oven, in which we spotted one of Behti’s hardworking staff hand-making pizzas for other diners.

We were immediately asked what we wanted to drink, I was very thirsty so ordered a pint of Peroni and my partner who is somewhat of a tee-totaller ordered a Cappuccino.  The drinks promptly arrived, my Peroni was ice cold and nice and carbonated and the Cappuccino according to my dining partner was just perfect.

While we were enjoying our beverages this gave us time to look through the extensive menu, being a frequent diner of Turkish restaurants in London and their Chicken Shish I noticed this was featured, so I opted for this without hesitation, my dining partner on the other hand had noticed the pizza oven so she couldn’t resist a home made pizza.  She opted for a bespoke choice of Feta cheese, turkey sausage, spinach, mozzarella and red onion.

The food promptly arrived piping-hot, and we were not disappointed.  The chicken was cooked perfectly and came with a lovely sauce, rice and salad.  It was as good as what I’ve had in London places before.  My partner’s pizza came with a really nice garlic sauce, and was piping hot and fresh.

Behti was very courteous and often came over asking us how we found the meal.

We got the bill and it was an incredibly reasonable £29.50.

We would not hesitate to recommend this place.





Food 10/10

Service 10/10

Price 10/10

Mezem is based on Henry Street.

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