Last week while browsing Facebook I noticed a restaurant’s page I hadn’t seen before called Un Momento in St Annes – a little away from The Square on Alexandra Drive.  I had never heard of this place – which is unusual for me because I dine out often.  On closer inspection I noticed that it was an Italian restaurant with a Sardinian influence.  Curiosity got the better of me and I immediately booked a table for two for Friday 07/02/2020.

We had the table booked for 7.30 and, upon arrival, were met by a lovely welcoming smile from Alessia Figus, the proprietor.

She guided my good lady and I to our table which was right next to the window, myself being the perfect gentleman allowed my woman to pick her chair.   A delightful waitress named Serena took our coats and kindly hung them up for us. The restaurant was small, cosy and the décor was very reminiscent of Sardinia.  The music playing was traditional music at a perfect volume. Also as daft as it sounds, one particular thing I liked about the restaurant was the lighting as it made the place so cosy- as if you were dining with friends. I had goosepimples on my arms in anticipation of the evening ahead.

We were promptly given drinks and food menus.  Our waitress Serena told us about all the drinks that they had on offer, and informed my better half that they had Sardinian Gin – my partner was instantly sold on this as she is a gin lover.  Myself, on the other hand, was sold on the Sardinian beer ‘Inchnuso’, which I fondly remember from my trip to Olbia in Sardinia last summer.

The drinks arrived very promptly and my partner was astounded at the taste of the gin, it was that nice it kept her quiet for at least five minutes which was a huge bonus for myself as it gave me time to relax!  My beer was ice cold and gave me instant flashbacks of Costa Smeralda.  Just perfect!

It was now time for us to order the food.  The menu was unique and not like standard Italian menus.  I decided to opt for the Sicilian Arancina, which is the traditional street food of Sicily, a deep friend ball of saffron rice stuffed with bechmel sauce, parmesan, roast ham, flor di latte mozzarella cheese.  My lady picked the Zuppa del Pescatore, which is a seafood soup with prawns, hake, calamari, red mullet, mussels in a light shell fish broth, cherry tomatoes and garlic.   For my main dish, I chose was a Fregola Sarda – a traditional Sardinian seafood dish, and my good lady opted for the Seabass Ravioli.

Serena the delightful waitress, went through the wine menu with me and advised that the best wine we should get to accompany our dishes was a bottle of Fina Kike.  The wine arrived, and Serena gave me a little taste to sample it and it was heavenly.

The starters arrived and they were both cooked to perfection.  My partner’s soup was very authentic, and was as good if not better than the version we enjoyed during our trip to Olbia, Sardinia.  My Sicilian ball starter was flawless as well.  The wine was going down incredibly well at this point as my partner and I reminisced of our Sardinian holiday. as the food was bringing memories flooding back.

We had a short break of ten minutes by choice as the starters were that scrumptious, we wanted to wait a bit for our mains, Serena and Alessia were happy to do this, which also reflects their superb hospitality and amazing service.   At this point half the bottle of wine was finished!

The mains arrived and we were both speechless at them.  My partner’s Seabass ravioli looked like a portrait on presentation, her mouth was literally watering at the sight of it and my Fregola Sarda looked better than you could ever imagine.  The taste of the pasta was fresh, and the quality of the sea food was divine.   It was a meal that good I didn’t want to finish it as that would be the end!  I could not fault anything with either meal.

We asked Alessia where the chef was from, and she informed us he is from Sicily and his name Giuseppe Verdone.  He has a huge passion for authentic style cooking!  Alessia and Serena showed us the dessert menu now, and gave us some more sound advice on what to choose.  My partner being a pudding lover chose the Momento al Ciioccolato and I decided to go for an unusual option as a gamble and went for the Cannelo Sicilialano which is a crispy wafer tube with a filling of sweet ricotta.   My gamble paid off big time, as it was the nicest dessert, I can honestly say I’ve had.  My lady loved her mousse too!

The wine was now finished so we got the bill, which came in at a reasonable £95.15.

Overall this place is literally a god-send to St Anne’s, and it is the exact definition of a hidden unknown gem.  I will definitely visit again.  The following day all I have thought about is how good the food was and what an enjoyable welcoming evening it was.  Alessia and Serena are the most terrific hosts, and couldn’t have made us feel any more welcome.  It was the best meal I can honestly say I’ve had in memory and I’ll be making myself a regular here now. If I could give this place a higher score than 10 then I would.


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