Takeaway Review: TastySnax, St Annes.

Anyone who knows me well will be aware that my “better half” has sadly had to have a serious operation and is completely “out of it” for sometime – this has put me in the situation I’d never thought I’d find myself in of having to fend for myself and my 4 year old little boy. Waking up rather peckish this Sunday morning and knowing all my favourite cafes were closed with this pesky lockdown malarkey  I decided to have a look at the FoodHub app and see if any places were open for delivery.  To my pleasant surprise I noticed that TastySnax was open.  TastySnax is no stranger to me, and is a place I’ve visited when I’ve been working in St Annes  – the establishment is located on 58 St Annes Road West and is run by the lovely Roxy.

I ordered without hesitation the large full English breakfast for myself, and a children’s breakfast for my little 4 year old boy.  Foodhub accepted the order straight away, and notified me within minutes that my food was “cooking”.  Literally 30 minutes after placing the order there was a knock at my door.  It was the delivery man with our breakfast.

The food was nicely and securely packed, and when I opened the boxes the food was piping hot! Given the fact I live in Lytham, the food HAD to travel however this didn’t alter the heat OR quality!  The sausages were fantastic – and not the catering sausages frequently found in cafes, the egg was just perfect and the beans and mushrooms were put in separate containers to avoid them leaking over the food.  My little boy was equally as satisfied and looked at me and said “Daddy, can we order from here tomorrow?”.

I will give this venue a score of 10/10 as from service, quality to delivery everything was perfect.

If you wish to order from TastySnax you can do via the Foodhub app or call 0 1253 640951 .  They also do roast dinners on a Sunday which I’ve heard raving reviews about.

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