On Saturday night (18/01/2020) we continued our Pub Crawl Review in the town of St Anne’s on the Sea.

We set off from Leafy Lytham at 7.30 pm and made our way to St Anne’s.

The Trawl Boat Inn Wetherspoons, Wood Street

Our first port of call was the well-known The Trawl Boat Inn which is a large venue on Wood Street owned by the Wetherspoons Group.  There was a very friendly vibe as soon as we walked in, with lots of people there all enjoying themselves and a nice clientele.   In my eyes the place was slightly understaffed as there was a bit of a wait for our drinks, which was a tad frustrating as we were all rather parched. The two ladies I was with ordered a Pink Gin and Diet Tonic Water, a Prosecco and Chambord and I decided to order a manly pint of Ruddles Best – a Cask Conditioned Country Ale.  We took our drinks over to a nice table by the door, which had been immaculately cleaned by the staff.  The drinks all went down very well, with the only criticism of the gin as it was lacking any fruits or botanicals.    Due to the pint going doing rather quickly, I needed the bathroom sharpish and, armed with my radar key purchased from eBay for £2,99, I made my way over to the ground floor disabled toilets (standard toilets in this Wetherspoons are on the top floor).  On entrance to the disabled loos I decided to inspect them for the purpose of this review. At first glance, I thought they were a tad scruffy with toilet paper thrown over the floor, but after closer inspection I realised that it was clean as was the rest of the bathroom.  The paper must have been thrown around by some unruly child,  as a result of this, I was satisfied with the cleanliness.

On my return from the bathroom, I summoned the ladies to grab their coats and we were then off to the next venue…









I rate the The Trawl Boat Inn, Wetherspoons 7/10

Shillaylee, Wood Street St Anne’s

Being of Irish descent, a lover of visiting Dublin and a big stout drinker, I have always been excited to visit this Irish bar in St Anne’s. Tonight was the night!  We crossed the road and walked into this venue, where a friendly bouncer opened the door for us.  We went to the bar and were greeted by a smiling barman, who served me a pint of Guinness and the ladies got Pink Gin and Tonic water.

The decor was very nice in here, with a minor criticism being that it was too bright – felt like we were drinking under exam conditions!  I think dimming the lights would be a good idea for the atmosphere!  Being a lover of solid fuel, I decided that the ladies and myself would sit by the multi-fuel stove they have in the premises as it was a chilly winter’s night.  The multifuel stove is a lovely feature to this bar.  The stove was overloaded with ash and wasn’t producing a roaring flame, more just smouldering.  My only advice to them, as I am the proud owner of 3 fireplaces (one coal, one multifuel and one wood burner) is to use less smokeless coal, and get some solid wood in from a local supplier. You would get a much more ambient flame that way and you would get the best out of the stove!  Use a mixture of fuel!!

The toilets were examined by one of the ladies and she said they were pristine!

The drinks were spot on, I couldn’t fault them!  They made the gins perfectly with the fruits.  The Guinness was that good I actually closed my eyes and said to myself “Am I at Temple Bar?”   The ladies didn’t complain about their drinks so we decided to dart to the next venue….









I rate Shillaylee 8/10


Lord Derby, St Anne’s Road West

I was rather not looking forward to this visit, as many years ago I came here and I didn’t rate the place.  However on walking into the venue I almost rubbed my eyes with shock.  The whole place had been renovated to a high standard.

Opting to not mix my drinks too much and feel rather sick the following day, I chose another Guinness and one of the ladies ordered a Pink Gin and Tonic Water.  The other lady was feeling rather risky and despite me advising she didn’t, ordered what she thought was a ‘Porn Star Martini’. The drinks arrived at the bar, and to one of the ladies sheer disappointment the Porn Star Martini looked like a Strawberry Slushy from an ice cream van, a far cry from what is now Britain’s favourite cocktail!  The lady returned the drink and swapped it for a Pink Gin and Tonic, the much safer option.

Apart from the debacle with the cocktail (in fairness, you don’t order cocktails in a pub so we won’t criticise them for that!) the drinks were fabulous!  The fruits were in the gin, and despite the Guinness not being QUITE as good as the Irish bar, it was very palatable.  We stayed here for the evening and had another 2 rounds after we had finished the drinks.

The toilets were clean, and the clientele were all very friendly too.


I rate the Lord Derby 8/10




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