In an effort to maintain social distancing on the pavements of Lytham centre, Fylde council have announced they will be implementing a new one-way system for pedestrians.

The systems comes after the reopening of many shops and businesses throughout Lytham, our narrow pavements are coming increasingly busier (especially in the sun).

This one-way system is advisory as the council cannot force pedestrians to walk in a certain direction out in the open, however it will assist with ensuring social distancing measures are followed, keeping the public that little bit safer.

Signs will be attached to lampposts around the zebra crossing on Clifton Street (close to Pleasant/Bath Street).

Upon announcing the system on the council’s Facebook page, a number of locals have challenged the concept:

Ian Stirling: “Having seen the Green this week what makes you think they will see the signs, let alone follow them.”

Debbie Clews: “Perhaps you should of taken a look on Lytham Green this week, its obvious some people think they are untouchable!! They can do what they want, when they want, and stuff the rest of us!”

Chris Cooke: “So you have to walk right down the street to get to a shop that is seconds away, on the other side of the road. Really going to help the elderly who struggle to walk.”

Christopher Aston: “They don’t even follow the in Asda or Tesco with floor signs and everything, how’s a bit of paper gonna help”

Perhaps the Fylde Council are attempting to show that they are doing something amidst the chaos in Lytham this week, however it seems that this is not what the locals had in mind.