After 12 weeks of only being able to shop in essential shops such as Booths and Sainsburys, it’s safe to say we have all been dying to treat ourselves to a little shopping therapy at our local Lytham boutiques. It has been a long 3 months of struggling with online shopping, never being able to try before you buy, paying delivery fees – enough is enough.

Thankfully, the non-essential shops are set to open on 15th June, however, due to the Coronavirus there has been some changes in the way we are allowed to shop.

Retail experts say that shops are likely to slash their prices as a way of enticing customers. Big chain stores such as M&S and Primark have most likely stocked up in time for summer and the heat wave we experienced at the beginning of lockdown, however, all their stock has been stuck in a warehouse with no where to go.

With this, shops such as Sainsburys have announced big sales, with a huge 70% off clothing in order to shift their stock whilst the sun is still shining. However, unlike Black Friday and Boxing Day sales, the shops will not be bustling with bargain hunters fighting over items of clothing and the latest Xbox, social distancing rules will be put in place.

Social distancing rules are set to completely change our shopping experience, changing rooms will be closed for the foreseeable future, one-way systems will be put in place, limited queues and customer head counts.

Larger Boots stores such as the store in Blackpool, which are home to beauty counters along with makeup artists will be closed, replaced with a virtual system. This is of course understandable with social distancing rules and the hygiene standards that makeup testers would violate. This begs the question, when will we be allowed to test makeup, find the right foundation shade? How many beauty counter makeup artists will lose their jobs and be forced to seek new work? And of course, will Stringers, our local beauty and clothing boutique, be forced to remodel their business?