Orchard Candle Shop Now Sadly Closed – Shop Fittings On Sale Next Week

The Orchard Candle shop on Orchard Road has today (Sunday 10th September) sadly closed its doors for its last day of normal trading.

Lesley and Lee have shared the message: ‘In the next week we will be listing and selling all the shop fittings on our Orchard page.’   ( )

To all their valued customers Lesley and Lee say, ‘Thank you for your continued support.’

Lesley had previously shared this heartfelt message:

It’s is with real sadness, that we announce the permanent closure of Orchard Candle Co, 18 Orchard Rd.

As many of you know, this year has been not only a challenge for retail generally, but also a difficult personal challenge for me with my cancer diagnosis, and unfortunately that journey won’t be over for some time to come.

The shop has been increasingly, experiencing extremely poor footfall, and my online business is currently supporting the shop and its overheads, making it impossible to either continue, or to employ staff in my absence.

Orchard Candle Co will obviously continue with its online presence and over the next few days I’ll post the free delivery code that will be available to my band of very loyal and lovely customers, I’m also currently negotiating with a local outlet to sell Orchards Candles.

Tomorrow I’ll also announce the reduced opening hours and detail of our closing down sale.

I’d like to say a massive thank you to anyone who’s ever bought from my shop, to all of you that have supported myself and Lee whilst I’ve been poorly and sent messages and even gifts, if I could keep the shop open just for you guys, I definitely would.

I’ll miss you all. It’s truly breaking my heart to lose the shop that was my dream, but my priority now must be my health and my business  going forward.

Many thanks


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