Who Lived In Your Victorian Lytham House In 1895 – Amazing List Of Residents & Businesses

The featured photograph depicts Lytham Square in the late 1890’s showing the number 12 and 17 trams. This tramway opened in February 1897, and the fleet consisted of compressed coal gas trams. The trams ran from Lytham  to the terminus of the Blackpool Tramway at South Shore Railway Station.

But if you live in a Victorian Lytham house, who lived in your home at this time – and what was their occupation? The site provides a wealth of information for those interested in exploring the past. The site shares this list of Lytham householders and businesses in 1895. Can you spot your house?

Ainscough Mrs. Mary, 2 Dicconson Terrace

Alker Mrs. Ellen, 23 Albert Street

Allanson Mrs., 5 Freckleton street

Allen Mr. James Ogden, 15 Station Road

Allen Morris, shipwright, 1 Victoria St

Almond Mr. William Henry, The Woods

Anderson Mr. James, 43 Westby Street

Anderson Rev. John (Wesleyan), 18 Alexandra terrace

Anderson Wm., fisherman, 5 St. John’s St

Anderton Mr. Geo., La Moye, East beach

Anderton Mrs. Margaret, 7 West beach

Ascroft Mr. Robert Lamb, 11 Park St

Ashton Mrs. Ann, 12 Cambridge Road, Ansdell

Atkinson John, collector, Goods Station yd

Backhouse Miss Sophia, artist, 4 Stan­ley road, Ansdell

Bagot Wm., tax collector, 7 Cecil Street

Bagshaw Mrs. Frances, 74 Westby St

Bagshaw Sir. William, 21 Church Road

Bardsley Mrs. Hannah, 2 Agnew Street

Barker Mrs. Ann, 31 Church Road

Barker Mr. Thos. Vipond, 6S Warton St

Bateman Miss Maria, 11 Cambridge Road, Ansdell

Batt Joseph, carter, 3 Gregson Street

Bayne Mr. John James, 22 Clifton St

Bellamy Mr. George Rd., 11 Central beach

Belshaw Rt., engine tenter, 11 Clifton St

Bennett Mr. Thos. Henry, 41 Henry St

Benthorn Nathan, cowkeeper, 10 West cliff

Bentley Rev. Henry Rothwell, M.A., 13 West beach

Berry Mr. Arthur Francis, 22 Westby St

Billington Rev. Charles, B.A., curate of parish church, 26 Cecil Street

Birley Rev. Alfred, 20 \Vest beach

Birley Jno. Leyland, Esq., 5 Hastings pl

Bishop Mr. John, 96 Warton Street

Blackburn Miss Ellen, 40 Warton Street

Blacktop David, clerk of works, 6 Bath St

Bollard Mrs. Sophia, 10 Stanley Road, Ansdell

Bolton Mrs. Margaret, 6 West beach

Bolton Misses M. & E. J., Lodore villa

Bonney Cuthbert, wheelwright (j.), 59 Westby Street

Bonney Sir. James, 4 Bath Street

Bonney John, fisherman, South Clifton St

Bookhard Mrs., 29 Henry Street

Boothroyd Mr. Walker, 29 Sandringham terrace

Bradley Mr. William, 26 Westby Street

Brayshaw Miss Louisa Jane, 2 Cam­bridge road, Ansdell

Brennand Mr. Wm., 22 St. Peter’s Place

Bretherton Miss Esther, 95 Warton St

Brewer Misses A. and M., 17 Alexandra terrace

Brierley Miss Ann, 12a West beach

Brierley Misses Jane and Ellen, 10 Cambridge road, Ansdell

Broadbent Mr. Frederick William, The Serpentine

Broadbent Miss Margaret, 7 Cambridge road, Ansdell

Brookes Sir. Alfred, Ingle nook

Brown Mrs. Ann, 16 Ashton Street

Brown John, schoolmaster, 18 Warton St

Burke Wm., police Sergeant, Bannister St

Burt James, gardener, 9 Hastings place

Butcher Miss Jane, 85 Warton Street

Butcher Mrs. Martha, 12 North Clifton St

Butcher Mr. Solomon, 8 Alexandra Terrace

Butterworth Mrs. Alice, 14 Warton St

Butterworth Mr. John P., 11 West bch


Calverley Mrs. Susannah, 21 West beach

Candlish Rd., fisherman, 16 West cliff

Cardwell Jas., mason (j.), 4 St. John’s St

Carrington Arthur W., Esq., J.P., Fern bank, 18 Church Road

Cartwright Mrs. Elizabeth, 6 Cambridge road, Ansdell

Catterall Paul, Esq., 4 West beach

Carroll Mrs., 5 Ashton Street

Cartmell Mrs. Esther, 67 Westby Street

Cartmell Josias, coachman, 4 Queen St

Chappell Mr. Joseph, Brooklands

Chapman Mr. Alfred B., 1 Agnew Street

Chatwood Mrs. M., 8 Church Road

Chester Mrs. Ellen, 12 Bannister Street

Clarke Mrs. Eliz., 12 South Clifton St

Clarke Mr. Robert, 2 Hastings place

Clark-son Matthew, fisherman, 3 Freckleton Street

Clarkson Thos., fisherman, 26 Clifton St

Clegg Miss Sarah, Lodore Villa

Clementson Mr. George Edward, Ribblestone

Cockcroft Miss Maria, 15 Church Road

Collier Mr. George L., 4 Church Road

Collins Mr. James, Albert Street

Collinson Jas., joiner (j.), 13 Warton St

Colquhoun Mr. Peter, Norbriggs

Connor Miss Hannah, 14 Westby Street

Constantine Mr. Richard, 25 Sandring­ham terrace

Coobin Richard, labourer, S West cliff

Cookson Mrs. Ellen, 97 Warton Street

Cookson John, baths manger, 7 Talbot Terrace

Cookson John, joiner (j.), 20 South Clifton Street

Cookson Joseph, plumber (j.), 2 Gregson St

Cookson Moses, clogger, St. John’s St

Cookson Mr. Thomas, 81 Westby Street

Cookson Mr. Thomas, Dock cottage

Cooper Miss Harriet, 96 Westby Street

Cooper Joseph, solicitor, Sunnyside

Corner Mrs. Elizabeth, 24 Church Road

Cottam Mr. Thomas, 14 Cecil Street

Crighton Miss Mary Ann, Thorndene

Crook Miss Annie, 11 Ashton Street

Crook Mr. Alfred Hankinson, 10 Cecil St

Crook Mr. John, 5 Agnew Street

Crook Mr. John Bryning, Holmhurst

Cross Mr. Thomas, 5 Talbot Terrace

Crowe Mr. Horny, 11 Alexandra Terrace

Cumpstey Mr. Joshua, 51 Clifton street

Cunliffe Mrs. Emma, Woodbank


Dean Thos. Alfred, cashier, 14 Ashton St

Dewhurst Mr. Robert, 82 Westby Street

Dewhurst Mr. William, 6 Cleveland Road

Dickinson Miss Jane, 38 Westby Street

Dickinson Mr. William, 1 Cambridge Road, Ansdell

Dilworth Mrs. Isabella, 17 Warton St

Dixon Harry E., laundry proprietor; h. 94 Westby Street

Dixon Sirs. Margaret, Eastwood villas

Dixon William, surveyor to Urban District Council ; h. 21 Warton street

Dobson Edward., cab proprietor (J. Dobson and Sons); h. 12 Beach street


Eastham Rd., plumber (j.), 18 Clifton St

Eastwood Mr. William, 86 Warton St

Eaves Meshach, gardener, 9 Clifton St

Eccles Mr. John, 8 Central Beach

Eccles Mr. Richard, 35 Henry Street

Eccles William, labourer, 19 Clifton St

Edleston Mrs. Margaret. A., 2 West. beach

Edmondson Mr. Thomas, 7 Lowther Terrace

Edmunds Win., traveller, 7 Alexandra Terrace

Eddsforth Mrs. Barbara, 84 Westby St

Etherington Jas., gardener, 41 Warton St

Evans Mr. Lloyd, Wood villa, Hastings place


Fair Mr. James Alexander Stretton The Birks

Fair Mr. John Talbot, The Nook

Fair Thos., Esq., J.P., C.C., Westwood

Fair T. & Son, land agents & surveyors Lytham Estate office

Fairclough Edward, mason (j.), 12 East cliff

Fairclough Wm., labourer, 75 Warton Street,

Fell Sir. James, 23 Park Street

Fell Thomas, tailor (j.), 4 Bannister St

Fenton Rd., labourer, 55 Westby Street

Ferguson Mr. Adam, 25 Park Street

Ferns Walter, bank cashier, 17 Park St

Firth Mrs., matron, Cottage Hospital, East Beach

Firth Sidney J. H., local manager of water works, 27 Westby Street

Fisher Joseph, smith (j.), Saltcoats

Fisher Mr. James Charles. 98 Westby St

Fisher John. painter (j.), 22 West cliff

Fisher L., Esq., M.D., J.P., Clifton Sq

Fisher Thos. Henry., labourer, 28 East cliff

Fisher William, joiner (j.), Saltcoats

Fletcher Mr. Francis, Seafield road

Forrest Mr. Roger, Bodmin villa, 6 Central beach

Forshaw Daniel, master mariner, 99 Westby Street

Forshaw Thomas, plasterer, 2 North Clifton Street

Foster Mrs. Emily, Wood lea, Ansdell

Fox Miss Caroline, 57 Westby Street

Fox Thomas, joiner (j.), 6 Clifton Street

Fullager Walter Palmer, Esq., West bank


Garstang Mr. John, 25 Warton Street

Gifford Sirs. Amy, 66 Warton Street

Gillett Lawrence, eng. tenter. Saltcoats

Gillow Miss Mary Ann, 80 Westby street

Goodbrand Miss Mary, 10 Park street

Gordon Mrs. Grace, 1 Central beach

Gough Mr. John, 22 East beach

Gradwell Miss Elizabeth, 1 West beach

Green Joseph. joiner (j.), 26 Warton St

Greenhalgh Mrs. Hannah, 26 Sand­ringham terrace

Gregson Henry, surveyor, 47 Henry St

Gregson John, boatman, 9 Albert street


Haigh Mr. James Frederick, 6 Beach St

Halsall Mrs. Mary, 88 Westby street

Halstead Rev. Robert, curate of St. John’s, 36 Westby street

Hambley Mr. Robert, 9 Central beach

Hankinson John, master mariner, 3 Station road

Hankinson Mr. Thomas, 12 Cecil street

Hannay Sir. Hugh, 54 Granville terrace

Hardman John, fisherman., 2 Freckleton St

Hardman Thos., fisherman, 6 Freckleton street

Harris Rev. Frederick George, B.A., curate of St. Cuthbert’s, Church road

Harrison Mr. James Henry, 22 Sand­ringham terrace

Harrison Miss Rachel Harriet, East­wood, 11 Agnew street

Harrison Mr. William, 26 East beach

Hart Mr. Samuel H., 43 Henry street

Harte Mrs. Annie, 8 Beach street

Hartley Mrs. Ann, 6 Queen street

Hawkins Miss Esther, 14 Agnew street

Hawkins Rev. Canon Henry B., M.A., The Vicarage

Hayes Mr. Edward, 20 Church street

Haynes John, police constable, Common side

Hazlewood Miss Mary J., 5 Cecil street

Healey Mr. David, 9 Cambridge road, Ansdell

Heath Miss Mary Jane, 66 Westby St

Heap Mrs. Charlotte, 4 Cecil street

Henderson Mr. David, 22 Cecil street

Henthorn Mr. James, 38 Warton street

Herald Mr. Robert Selkirk, 20 East beach

Herd Mr. Robert, 12 Central beach

Hesketh Miss Emily, 50 Windsor terrace

Hincksman William Henry, Esq., J.P., The Starr Hills

Hindle Mrs. Elizabeth, 2 Warton street

Holden Mr. George T., 27 Albert street

Holding Mr. Evan, 32 Westby street

Holding Geo., postmaster, 67 Clifton St

Holt Mrs. Eliz., S Cambridge rd, Ansdell

Holt Mr. James, 42 Windsor terrace

Holt Mrs., 10 Church road

Holt Mr. William Thomas, 46 Warton St

Hopwood Mrs. Margaret, 10 Agnew St

Horsfield Mrs. Mary, 87 Warton street

Houseman Miss Ellen, 83 Westby street

Howard Sergeant Stephen, 22 Church rd

Hoyle John, traveller, 70 Warton street

Hudson Sir. John, 21 East beach

Hull William, joiner (j.), 16 Henry St

Hutchinson Mrs. Margaret., Serpentine vl


Ingham Mrs. Betsy, 90 Warton street


Jackson Alfred, coin traveller, 68 Westby St

Jackson Mrs. Phoebe, 13 Central beach

Jacson Sirs. Catherine,, Beach house, S West beach

Jago Mr. Frederick, Clevelands road

Jewison Mrs. Mary Eliz., Newnham House

Johnson George, gardener, Clifton drive

Johnson James, labourer, 93 Westby St

Johnson (Miss Mary) & Chandler (Miss My.), convalescent home, 12 Agnew St

Johnston Miss H., 15 Ashton street

Johnston Mr. James, 1 Beach street

Jolly Mrs. Mary, 23 Church road

Jones Mrs. Fanny, 1 Lowther terrace


Kerridge Sand., engine tenter, 21 Albert St

Kershaw Mr. Chas., 21 Sandringham Terrace

King J. E., manager of London and Midland Bank ; h. St. Annes-on-the- Sea

Knowles Miss Alice, 14 West cliff

Knowles Mrs. Alice, 6 Lowther terrace

Knowles Joseph, joiner (j.), 7 Station rd


Lang Joseph, labourer, 37 Westby street

Latham Mrs. Agnes, 78 Westby street

Laurence Miss Maria 51., 13 Cambridge road, Ansdell

Lee Mr. John Lawrence, 44 Windsor Terrace

Leech Miss Annie, 14 Cambridge road, Ansdell

Lever Mr. Thomas, 34 Warton street

Lewis William Henry, groundsman, 8 Bath street

Lightwood Mr. James T., Hope house

Livesey Miss Jane, 12 Central beach

Livesey Mr. John Edward., 28 East beach

Lomax James, schoolmaster, Church rd

Loose Thomas, gardener, 11 Station rd


McClellan William, butcher (j.), 1 South Clifton street

McGovern Mr. John, 15 Alexandra Terrace

McClure Mr. Wm. L., 15 Central beach

McKean Mr. Thomas H., East holme

Makinson Mr. Edwin, 27 Church road

Mallett John, plater, 13 Albert street

Malley George, postman, 4 Cleveland rd

Malley Joseph, billposter, 16 Westby St

Malley Thomas Wm., fruiterer (Malley & Son) ; h. 17 Westby street

Mallinson Mr. George Ellis, 6 Stanley road. Ansdell

Margerison Mr. Arthur, The Firs

Mark Miss Catherine, 69 Westby street

Mark Mrs. Selina, 3 North Clifton street

Marples Mr. Wm. Edward., 92 Warton St

Marsden Miss Agnes Foster, 7 St. John’s street

Marsh Mr. George, 22 Warton street

Martin Miss Emma, nurse, 80 Clifton St

Martin Misses Mary E. & Emily, 29 Church road.

Mason Mr. John, 2 West cliff

Mason Mrs. Mary, 20 Cecil street

Mather Mrs. Betsy, 73 Warton street

Mayor Mr. Fred., 54 Clifton street

Melling Henry., engine driver, 23 East cliff

Meller Mr. John Maden, 8 Lowther Terrace

Mellor Mrs. Catherine, 13 Ashton street

Mellor Edward William, Esq., Fairlawn

Mellor Horace, Esq., Woodfield

Mercer Richard, tailor (j.), 10 Clifton St

Mercer Mrs. Margaret, 33 Clifton street

Middleton Misses, 94 Warton street

Miller Mrs. Margaret, 89 Warton street

Miller George, joiner (j.), 13 Henry St

Miller James, joiner (j.), 25 Henry street

Miller William, joiner (j.), 8 Henry St

Milne Mr. Oswald C., 13 Alexandra Terrace

Mitchell Miss Fanny, 25 Albert street

Mogridge Edward., bricklayer (j.), 6 East cliff

Moore Richard, labourer, 4 West cliff

Moorhouse Mrs. Catherine, Woodlands

Morewood Mrs. Eliza, 16 West beach

Morley Miss Sarah Ann, 27 Sandringham terrace

Morton Louis, master mariner, 52 Warton St

Mothersill Miss Hannah, 11 Cecil street

Mugliston Mr. John, 5 Lowther terrace

Muir Mrs. Agnes, 20 Sandringham Terrace

Musgrave Mr. Charles, 18 Cecil street

Myres Charles A., clerk to Urban District Council ; h. 4 Hastings place

Myres Robert., bricklayer (j.), 32 Warton St


National Telephone Co., 7 Queen street; Robert Watson, inspector

Needham Mr. James, 16 Church street

Newsham W., tailor’s cutter,91 Warton St

Nickson Mr. Hugh, 6 Talbot terrace

Noblett Misses, Fern villa, Cecil street

Nolan Mr. Timothy, 74 Warton street

Nottingham Thos., coachman, 9 Westby St


O’Donohue Rev. D.D. (Catholic), Clifton street

O’Neill Mrs. Ann, 10 Westby street

0ram Mrs. Alice Hannah, 13 Beach St

Ormerod Mrs. Mary, The Elms

Ormrod Mr. Thomas Boothman, 37 Warton street

Owtram Mrs. Adeline, 2 Cleveland road



Paley Mr. John, 7 Bannister street

Parker Mrs. Ellen, 1 Cecil street

Parker Misses M. & M., Dicconson Terrace

Parker Mr. Richard, 8 Market square

Parkinson Alf., fisherman, 1 Freckleton St

Parkinson Jas., fisherman, 29 Westby St

Parkinson John, farmer’s assistant, 11 Church road

Parkinson John, fisherman, 22 East cliff

Parkinson Wm., fisherman, 13 Clifton St

Parkinson Wm . , fisherman, 42 Clifton St

Parr Wm., station master, 60 Warton St

Peacock Colonel Ralph, Riversleigh

Pearson Mrs. Elizabeth, 37 Church road

Pearson Mrs. Annie, 6 Agnew street

Pearson Mr. James, 6 Hastings place

Pearson Mr. John, Normanhurst

Peat John, fishery officer, Common side

Pemberton Miss Mary A., 31 Westby St

Pennington Miss Betsy, 67 Warton St

Pendlebury Jno., painter (j.), .8 Clifton St

Pendlebury Thos., tailor (j.), 24 Warton St

Pepworth Alfred E., clerk, 57 Warton St

Pintner William, manufacturer of real lace, 21 Market square

Porter Mrs. , 7 Ashton street

Proudlove Sir. John, 27 East beach

Pye Mr. William, 70 Westby street


Ratcliffe Mrs. Ann, Eastwood villas

Ratcliffe Mr. Wm. Edward., 18 West beach

Rainford William R., bank cashier, 6 Ashton street

Rawcliffe Thos., labourer, 36 Clifton St

Rawlinson Mrs. Ellen, 49 Clifton street

Rawlinson Miss Mary Ellen, laundress, 16 Clifton street

Rea Mrs. Ellen, 9 Agnew street

Rea Mr. J. Marcus, Red croft

Reay Major Charles T., The Willows

Redford Mr. William, 17 Cecil street

Richmond Mr. Henry, 15 Cecil street

Rigg Miss Elizabeth, 41 Westby street

Rigg Mr. John Lyndhurst, Ansdell

Rimmer cowkeeper, 12 West cliff

Rippon Rev. Thos. (Wes.), East beach

Roberts Miss Sophia, convalescent home, 62 Granville terrace

Robertshaw Jno. A., clerk, 30 Westby St

Robertson Mrs. Jane, 4 Agnew street

Robertson Mrs. Jessie, 23 Sandringham terrace

Rogers Mr. John A., 24 Sandringham Terrace

Rothwell Mrs. Helena M., 64 Warton St

Rothwell Mr. Richard E., 4 Cambridge road, Ansdell

Rowson Mr. Wm. Brown, 92 Westby St

Royds Mr. Clement H. B., 17 Central beach

Rubin Mr. Michael, 19 Cecil street

Rymer Miss Mary Jane, 3 Bannister St


Salisbury Wm., foreman, Albert street

Salisbury Edward., tailor (j.), 4 Clifton St

Salkeld Alfred, bookstall manager, 36 Warton street

Salts Mrs. Edith, Woodville terrace

Sanderson Mr. John, 12 Warton street

Scarlett Wm., shipsmith (j.), 9 Station rd

Scobie Joseph, shipwright, 2 East cliff

Scoble Reginald, engine fitter, 4 East cliff

Scoble Wm. Benj., foreman, 11 Albert St

Scott Wm., draper’s asst, 12 Ashton St

Seed Misses Alice and Ann, 16 South Clifton street

Seed Misses Jane and Margaret, 11 Pleasant street

Sharpe Granville F., medical assistant, 2 Talbot terrace

Sharpies Miss Mary, 24 Westby street

Sharpies Mr. John, 3 Agnew street

Shaw Mrs. Isabella, 30 East beech

Shaw Mr. Thomas, 56 Warton street

Shuttleworth Mr. William, Witton villa, East beach

Sidebottom Mr. Thomas, 13 Cecil street

Simpson Mrs.Temperance, 46 Windsor Terrace

Singleton James, ironmonger’s assistant, 35 Warton street

Singleton Mr. John, 12 Church road

Slater Mr. Robert, 76 Warton street

Sleddon Mr. Joseph, 9 Bath street

Smart Rev. Thomas Gregory, vicar of St. John’s, East beach

Smethurst Mr. Joseph, 1 Hastings place

Smith Mrs. Ann, 77 Warton street

Smith Mrs. Ann, 8 Bannister street

Smith Philip Wm., police constable, 9 Freckleton street

Snape Miss Jane, 12 Westby street

Somerville Mrs. M., The Haven, Ansdell

Spink Mr. Frederick C., 93 Wanton St

Stebbings William G., station master, Ansdell station

Stephenson Miss Margaret A., 34 Westby St

Stephenson Mr. John, 9 West beach

Stones Mr. Thomas, 9 Talbot terrace

Stopford Miss Ann B., 3 Cambridge road, Ansdell

Stott Mr. George H., 19 Sandringham Terrace

Sutcliffe Misses, S Agnew street

Sutton Mr. Thos. R., 2S Sandringham Terrace

Swan Win., miller (j.), Albert street

Swarbrick Mr. Wm., 1 Westby street

Swanton James, shopman, 19 South Clifton street

Swift Miss Mary E., 2 Dicconson terrace


Tate Henry, Esq., Clifton Hall

Tattersall George, steward, Lytham Institute, Clifton street

Taylor Benj., plumber (j.), 38 Clifton St

Taylor Very Rev. James Canon (Catholic), Clifton street

Taylor Mrs. Elizabeth E., 50 Warton St

Taylor Miss Mary I., 56 Granville Terrace

Taylor Mr. John, 78 Warton street

Taylor Sirs. Mary Emma, 62 Warton St

Thomas Mrs. Sophy, 63 Warton street

Thompson Mrs. Jane, S Queen street

Thompson William, clerk to Fylde Union, 29 East beach

Thorpe Mrs. Ellen, Woodville terrace

Threlfall Mrs. Ann, Edenfield

Tipping Edward., gas-fitter, 3 St. John St

Tomes Charles Henry, pointsman, 14 North Clifton street

Torry Alexander, farm bailiff, Saltcoats

Towers John \V., joiner (j.), 43 Church rd

Townend Mr. John, 5 Cambridge road, Ansdell

Turton Mr. John, S Cecil street


Varley Mrs. Hannah, 14 Church road

Verity Mr. R. Lewis, 4 Lowther terrace


Wade George, labourer, 19 Henry street

Wadsworth Mr. Alfred H., 72 Warton St

Walker Mrs. Alice, 69 Warton street

Walker Miss Ann, 30 Sandringham Terrace

Walker Mr. John Charles, 9 Beach St

Walmsley Mr. John, The Roost, 7 Central beach

Walmsley John, foreman, 2 St. John St

Walmsley Mr. Thomas, 11 Lowther Terrace

Wallwork Mr. H., Glengarry, East beach

Walton Mr. James, 54 Warton street

Wampfier Miss Louisa, 4 Ashton street

Wane John, bank manager, 2 Dicconson terrace

Ward Ed. T., bank manager, Clifton sq

Waring Mr. Thomas, 102 Warton street

Waterton Mrs. Ellen, 3 West beach

Waterer Wm., florist, 43 Warton street

Whalley Mrs. Ann, 4 Freckleton street

Whalley Mrs. G., S Stanley rd, Ansdell

White William A. H., grocer’s manager, 2 Bannister street

Whitehead Miss Sarah A., 25 Westby St

Whitehead William Beaumont, herb beer maker, Albert street

Whiteside Geo., fisherman, 3 Victoria St

Whiteside Mr. Henry, S Westby street ‘

Whiteside J., donkey proprietor, 11 Victoria St

Whiteside J. J., fisherman, 19 East cliff

Whiteside John, fisherman, 20 West cliff

Whiteside Mrs. Margaret, 20 Warton St

Whiteside R., labourer, 1 North Clifton St

Whiteside Mrs. Sarah, 25 East cliff

Whiteside Thos., cowkeeper, 49 Westby St

Whitney Miss Jane, 9 Dicconson terrace

Whittaker Mr. Richard, 9 Cecil street

Wigglesworth Miss Julia, 5 Beach street

Wignall R., fisherman, 7 Freckleton St

Wignall William, fishmonger’s assistant, 28 Warton street

Wignall Win., fisherman, 30 Clifton St –

Wilding Mrs. Hannah, 5 Bannister St

Wilkins James, platelayer, Saltcoats

Wilkinson Mrs. Mary, 25 East beach

Wilson Sirs. Elizabeth, 42 Warton street

Wilson Sirs. E., laundress, S East cliff

Wilson John T., labourer, 45 Westby St

Wolstenholme Mrs. Ellen, 18 Westby St

Worthington Henry., gardener, 37 Henry St

Worthington Mrs. Mary, tailoress, 5 North Clifton street

Wright Mr. Henry L., 1 Lowther terrace

Wright Rev. Thos. H. (Congregational), 99 Warton Street


Yorston Mr. Robert, 2 Ashton Street




Academies and Schools (Marked * are Boarding Schools)

*Aspinall A. R., M.A., St. George’s School

Free Endowed School, Church Road; (boys) James Lomax; (girls) Miss Alice Corner; (infants) Miss Amy Charlton *Halket Misses, Melchet House, Church Road

*Hardman Charles, Treves house, 10 Beach Street

*Lightwood Edward R., Pembroke House school

*Macdonald Miss J., girls’ high school, 10 Lowther terrace

Miles Miss Emma, 48 Windsor terrace

*Reardon Edward, 4 Beach Street

St. John’s, South Warton Street; (mixed) Joseph Taylor; (infants) Mrs. Eliz. E. Taylor

St. Peter’s (Cath.), South Clifton Street; (mixed) John Brown and Miss Alice Brown

*Slater Dr. John Sisson, Seafield

*Stokes Miss Jane, 14 Central beach

*Thornley Win. E., Thornleigh, Central beach

*Tootill Mrs. R. A., Westby school



Ashworth Robert (com.), 4 Talbot Terrace

Atkinson John (goods), Railway station

Clarke Robert (shipping and insurance), 14 Queen Street

Wilson Edward (house), 2 Pleas­ant street


Architects and Surveyors

Grimble Thos. C., Clifton Chambers

Webb Stretton G., 8 Hastings place



Wilson Edward. & Son, 2 Pleasant st



Catlow Arthur (oat cake), North Clifton street

Fletcher Mrs. E., 1 & 2 Clifton square

Lucas Thomas, 2 Church road


Lancaster Banking Co., 3 Dicconson terrace (draw on Barclay, Bevan, & Co., London); John Wane, manager

Manchester & County Bank, Ltd., Clifton square (draw on the Union Bank of London); E. T. Ward, manager

London & Midland Bank, Ltd., Preston Bank branch, Market square (Head office, 52 Cornhill, London); J. E. King, manager


Berlin Wool, &c., Dealer.

Hayward Mrs. T. H., 68 Clifton Street




Butler Wm., 4 North Clifton street Franks Richard, Common side


Booksellers & Stationers

Cookson William, 7 and 9 Park street Seed R. & L., 91 Clifton street

Smith W. H. & Son, Railway station; Alfred Salkeld, manager

Wolfe Joseph, S and 10 Station Road


Boot and Shoe Makers

Cross John, Hey houses

Currin James, 49a Clifton street

Dagger Richard, 4 Henry street

Dick R. & J., 18 Market square

Peet Robert, 16 South Clifton street

Whiteside William, 12 Market square


Bricklayers and Contractors

Allanson & Atkinson, 2 South Clifton st

Mogridge Henry, 69 Clifton Street

Myers George (and brickmaker), 23 Warton Street

Tomlinson James, 7 Clifton Street

Builders’ Merchant. Burton John, 5 Station Road.



Bradley William (pork), 57 Clifton Street

Garlick Alice & Sons, 46 Clifton Street and 31 Warton Street

Hudson Joseph (pork), 20 Market square

Pemberton John, 32 Clifton Street

Pollard Vincent, 53 Warton Street

Sherliker Joseph, 3 Henry Street

Turner Joseph, 4 and 6 Station Road


Cabinet Makers

Cookson R. & Sons, 13 Church road

Fox John & James, 7 Church road

Gillett Francis, 45 Warton street

Park Charles (upholsterer), North Warton street

Poulton Mrs. Mary, 13 Station road

Wilson Edward. & Son, 2 Pleasant st


Cab &c., Proprietors

Brown U., Queen’s Hotel

Dobson John & Sons, Pleasant street

Harrison Thomas, 14 St. Peter’s street

Myerscough Nicholas, South Warton st

Pugh Bros., Henry street

Rymer Thomas, 31 Henry street

Taylor John, 17 South Clifton street

Whiteside Thomas, 9 South Clifton st



Elston George Win., 43 East cliff

Hornby William, 27 East cliff

Moore Alexander, 47 Warton street

Whiteside Joseph, 16 Warton street

Whiteside Robert Thomas (out-porter), 12 Freckleton street


Chemists and Druggists

Crozier Robert, Clifton square

Gourlay Henry, 1 Church road

Hoyle Richard A., 11 Market square

Tomlinson Joseph C , Warton street

Chimney Sweepers. Fox John, 45 Westby street

Knowles John, 14 Clifton street


Coal Merchants

Burton John, 5 Station Road

Cliviger Coal Co., North Clifton street; Thomas Butcher, agent

Cookson George (dealer), West cliff Hargreaves Col. (Exors. of) ; Henry Fowler, agent

Ince Coal & Cannel Co., Goods Station yard; John Collinson, agent

Lawson Richard, Goods Station yd

Pearson & Knowles Coal & Iron Co., Limited, Goods Station yard; Richard Lawson, agent

Rossall Jas. (and firewood dealer), Ansdell station

Eager Edward, Goods Station yard

Wigan Coal & Iron Co., Limited, Goods Station yard; Robert D. Harrison, agent Wilkinson William, 20 St. Peter’s place



Chambers Mrs. Mary, 73 Clifton street

Crozier Mrs. Sarah A., 3 and 5 Park st

Cumpstey Misses, 51 Clifton street

Fletcher Mrs. Ellen, 1 and 2 Clifton sq

Hibbert Ellis, 83 Warton street

Hilton Miss Margaret, 7 Market square

Lucas Thomas, 2 Church road

Richardson Mrs. Elizabeth, 35 Church rd

Singleton Mrs. Margaret, 45 Clifton st

Taylor Mrs. Ann, 35 Clifton street


Corn Dealers

Cookson Robert, 1 Station road

Shuttleworth William (and miller), Pleasant Street



Jackson Thomas & Sons, 27 Park street

Willis Z., 18 St. Peter’s place


Dining & Refreshment Rooms

Bonney Thomas, 75 Clifton street



Downs Miss Alice, 19 Market square

Edmondson John, Clifton square

Ellis Henry (& hosier & hatter), 13 Market square

Newsham Mrs. Mary, 9 Market square

Pownall Mrs. Mary, 52 Clifton street

Read Benjamin, 41 Church road

Speak William, Clifton square

Wolfe Joseph, S and 10 Station road


Fancy Bazaars

Butcher Thomas, 4S Clifton street

Charnley William, Central beach

Cookson William, 7 and 9 Park street

Gillett John, 2 Queen street

Holmes Sirs. Eleanor, 4 Park street



Boardman William, Common side

Butcher James, Common side Cross John, Common side

Eaves William, Common side Eccles John, Common side

Hodgkinson Mrs. Ann, Eastham

Parkinson James, Moss hall

Pemberton John, Clifton street

Polding Mrs. Ann, South Hey farm

Rossall Mrs. Alice, Common side

Rossall George, Church farm, Ansdell

Salthouse Christopher, Trawl Boat farm

Swarbrick Richard, Saltcote farm

Whiteside James, The Home


Fire and Life Offices

Atlas; T. Fair & Son, Lytham Estate office; H. E. Dixon, Westby street Commercial; Edward Wilson & Son, 2 Pleasant street

Crown (Life); Rt. Clarke, 14 Queen st

Guardian (Plate Glass); Robert Clarke, 14 Queen street

Imperial; F. G. Rowson, 70 Clifton st Lancashire and Yorkshire (Accident) ; Robert Clarke, 14 Queen street

North British; H. E. Dixon, Westby st

Norwich; S. G. Webb, 8 Hastings place

Palatine; S. G. Webb, 8 Hastings place; Robert Ashworth, 4 Talbot terrace

Prudential; Edwin D. Richardson, 56 Clifton street

Sun; Robert Clarke, 14 Queen street


Firewood Merchant

Burton John, 5 Station road


Fish and Game Dealers

Battersby Mrs. Mary, Fish market

Beardsworth William, 3 Church Road

Bretherton William, Common side

Butcher Elias, Fish market

Wignall William, 50 Clifton Street




Bonney Thomas, 75 Clifton street

Cross James, 11 Queen street

Harrison Thomas, 74 Clifton street

Hodgkinson Joseph, 34 Clifton street

Malley & Sons, 76 Clifton street


Furniture Remover

Burton John, 5 Station road Glass and China Dealers.

Charnley William, Central beach

Lawson Miss Mary, 71 Clifton Street

Slater Mrs. Agnes, 5 Henry Street



Ainscough John, 3 Clifton street

Ashworth Richard, 14 Market square

Bond Miss Jane, 23 Clifton street

Booth E. H. & Co., 6 Park street

Broster Miss Mary, 10 Henry street

Cornall John, 29 Warton street

Draper James, 4 and 6 Westby street

Eaves Moore, 13 South Clifton street

Embley Walter, 65 Warton street

Etherington Septimus, 85 Clifton street

Garner Mrs. Sarah, 12 Henry street

Hibbert Ellis, 83 Warton street

Hodskinson Joseph, 34 Clifton street

Hosker William, 2 Station road

Mogridge Henry, 69 Clifton st

Preston N. & Son, 59 Church road

Richardson Mrs. Mary, Common side

Riley Christopher, 55 Warton street

Sefton Jas., 4 Clifton sq & 8 Market sq

Singleton Mrs. Margaret, 45 Clifton st

Swann John, 41 Clifton street

Thresh William & Son, TS Clifton street

Whiteside James, 1 St. John’s street

Whiteside Robert. Thos., 12 Freckleton st

Wilson Joseph, 37 Clifton street



Butterworth John, S3 Clifton street

Gillett John, 2 Queen street

Jackson Titus, 1 Clifton street

Slater Mrs. Agnes, 5 Henry street




Clifton Arms Hotel, John Macgregor, West beach

Market Hotel (excellent accommodation for visitors), Miss Eliza Moore, Church road

Queen’s Hotel, U. Brown, Central beach

Railway Hotel (headquarters Excelsior Cycle Club), James J. Beesley, Station rd.

Ship and Royal Hotel, Thomas Windebank (and brewer, wine and spirit merchant), Clifton st

Talbot Hotel (stabling, &c.), Cornelius Salthouse, Clifton street



Ormrod T. T., 93 Clifton street

Singleton William, 63 Clifton street

Wing Joseph, 64 Clifton street


Joiners and Builders

Cookson Richard & Son, 13 Church road

Gillett Francis, 45 Warton street

Miller Thomas, Pleasant street

Moore Joseph, 44 Clifton street

Myerscough J. E. & B., 16 North Clifton street

Scott Mark, North cliff

Wilson Edward. & Son, 2 Pleasant st



Ribble Steam Laundry Co. ; H. E. Dixon, proprietor


Lodging House Keepers

Allan Miss Elizabeth, 16 Central beach

Allanson Mrs. Mary, 6 Henry street

Andrew Mrs. Mary H., 19 Park street

Ascroft Mrs. Margaret, 5 Central beach

Atkinson Miss Elizabeth, 23 Westby st

Baines Thomas, 20 Westby street

Ball William, 58 Granville terrace

Bamber Lawrence, 3 Ashton street

Bamber Miss Margaret, 53 Westby st

Bardsley Miss S. A.., 91 Westby street

Birtwistle Mrs. Sarah, 14 Ashton street

Bonney James, 24 St. Peter’s place

Bonney William, 60 Granville terrace

Brade Mrs. Betty, 75 Westby street

Bradley Mrs. Harriet, 9 Church road

Bradshaw Richard, 49 Henry street

Brooke John, 6 Bannister street

Bryning Mrs. Emily, 19 Warton street

Burt Edward, 1 Cleveland road

Burt James, 9 Hastings place

Burt William, 16 Hastings place

Bush William, 6 Cecil street

Bywater Henry, 44 Warton street

Candlish Mrs. Eliz. E., 51 Westby st

Carmichael Mrs. Elizabeth, 1 Ashton st

Carter Mrs. Annie G., 59 Warton street

Clarkson Mrs. Jane, 79 Westby street

Clarkson Thomas, 26 Clifton street

Collinson Miss Isabella, 62 Clifton street

Collinson Mrs. Maria, 2 Central beach

Collinson James, 3 Warton street

Connolly Miss Louisa, 19 Westby street

Curwen Mrs. Mary, 10 Hastings place

Dickinson Mrs. Elizabeth, 15 Park st

Eastham James, 5 Warton street

Eastham Mrs. Mary A., 19 Church road

Eckersall James, 13 Westby street

Evans Miss Jane, 17 Station road

Fallows Mrs. Alice, 11 Talbot terrace

Fell Thomas, 4 Bannister street

Ferguson Mrs. Joanna, 58 Warton street

Forshaw Mrs. Ellen, 31 Clifton street

Galloway John, 3 Beach street

Garrett Mrs. Elizabeth, 25 Church road

Gillett Miss Ellen, 12 Hastings place

Gillett Mrs. Ellen C., 39 Warton street

Gillett Miss Margaret, 7 Westby street

Goddard George, 5 Cleveland road

Greaves Miss Ellen, 14 Hastings place

Greaves Thomas, 3 Talbot terrace

Gregson Mrs. Hannah J., 1 Warton st

Gregson Mrs. Jane, 21 Henry street

Grimshaw Mrs. Eliza, 2 Beach street

Halstead Robert, 10 Alexandra terrace

Harrop Mrs. Blanche, 3 Cleveland road

Heathcote Mrs. Mary, 27 Cecil street

Hickson Miss Margaret. E., 52 Windsor Terrace

Hobson William, S Talbot terrace

Hornby Mrs. Mary, 7 Bath street

Hosker Richard, 11 Westby street

Houseman Miss Ellen, 83 Westby street

Hull Robert, 13 Hastings place

Hunt Samuel, 16 Alexandra. terrace

Jameson James, 24 Clifton street

Johnson Edmund, 103 Westby street

Johnson Robert, 33 Henry street

Jones Mrs. Hannah, 45 Henry street

Kerr J. I., 17 West beach

Kirby Miss Ann, 3 Hastings place

Lamb Mrs. Alice, 33 Church road

Lees Mrs. Jane, 2 Warton street

Leeson Mrs. Mary, 4 Warton street

Lewis Samuel, 8 Ashton street

Lewis William Henry., S Bath street

Loose Mrs., 11 Station road

Lythgoe Gilbert, S1 Warton street

McIlwick Mrs. Jane, 6 Church road

McDonna Edmund Francis, 58 Clifton st

Macneal Miss Betsy, 84 Warton street

Malley Mrs. Elizabeth, 16 Westby street

Melling John, 11 Hastings place

Mellor James, 9 Alexandra terrace

Mercer Elizabeth, 3 Westby street

Mercer Richard, 10 Clifton street

Moore Alexander, 47 Warton street

Moore John, 40 Clifton street

Moss Miss Catherine; 14 Alexandra Terrace

Nottingham Thomas, 9 Westby street

Pendlebury John, S Clifton street

Pickford Alfred, 88 Warton street

Powell Mrs. Ellen. 21 Park street

Rainford Mrs. Emily, East beach

Ratcliffe Amos, 25 Cecil street

Rawlinson -Mrs. Eliz., 7 Hastings place

Rawlinson Robert, 3 Cecil street

Redfern Miss Mary Ann, 2 Westby street

Riley Mrs. Catherine, 3 Central beach

Rushworth Mrs. Louisa, 5 Bath street

Rymer Mrs. Elizabeth, 31 Henry street

Sager Edward, 35 Church road

Salisbury William H., 15 Westby street

Sallows Alfred, 13 Park street

Salthouse Mrs. Mary J., 1 Bath street

Seed James, 28 Westby street

Slater Miss Elizabeth, 24 Cecil street

Smith Mrs. Ann, 39 Henry street

Smith Mrs. Sarah, 20 Clifton street

Stanhope William, 5 Westby street

Stevenson James, 10 Bath street

Stother Mrs. Ann, 3 Bath street

Taylor Mrs. Susannah, 4 Central beach

Thompson Miss Florinda, 5 West beach

Tipping Mrs. Alice, 39 Clifton street

Tipping Thomas, 47 Westby street

Towler Henry, 28 Clifton street

Tomlinson Mrs. Ann, 10 Queen street

Turner William, 64 Granville terrace

Walmsley Misses, 11 Lowther Terrace

Warbrick Mrs. Alice, 11 Beach street

Warbrick Mrs. Mary, 12 West beach

Webster Mrs. Mary A., 15 Hastings place

Webster Thomas, 27 Warton street

Webster Thomas, 40 Westby street

Weedon Matthew B., 80 Warton street

Westhead Mrs. Alice, 10 West beach

Whalley Miss Jane, 82 Warton street

Whiteside Mrs. Eliza A., 35 Westby st

Whiteside Mrs. Mary, 6 Warton street

Wilcock William, 90 Westby street

Wilkins Mrs. Mary, 61 Westby street

Willacy Mrs. Ellen, 105 Westby street

Wolfe Mrs. Ellen, 63 Westby street


Mineral Water Manufacturer

Windebank Thomas, Ship Hotel


Milliners and Dressmakers

Atkinson Miss, 4 Gregson street

Bennett Miss E. E., 23 Henry street

Braithwaite Mrs. Jane, 10 Warton st

Cookson Misses, 13 Church road

Downs Mrs. Alice, 19 Market square

Edmondson John, Clifton square

Florentine Miss Bertha, 12 Alexandra Terrace

Luck Miss, 54 Clifton Street

Mitchell Miss Mary A., 2 Bath Street

Richardson Mrs. E. D., 56 Clifton Street

Richardson Mrs. Mary A., 66 Clifton st

Wilson Mrs. Elizabeth, 42 Walton st


Music Professors

Brooke Walter, 1 Talbot terrace Holden

William F., 33 Warton Street

Ramford John (and seller), 8 Park st



Lytham Times, St. Annes-on-the- Sea Gazette, Kirkham, Chronicle, and Lan­cashire Advertiser

(Saturday) ; Mayor and Co., proprietors, 54 Clifton st



Maries Richard, Mythop Nursery, and 66 Clifton street


Painters and Plumbers

Challoner Chas. (R.P.), 13 Queen street

Gregson Thomas Henry, 15 Henry st

Jordan Wallace, 27 Henry street

Rowson F. G., 70 Clifton street

Thresh William, 76 Clifton street

Westhead John, 43 Clifton street



Hedges David & Sons, 7 Dicconson Terrace

Holmes Mrs. Eleanor, 4 Park street


Physicians and Surgeons

Arminson William Brown, M.D., 7 Agnew street

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