Lytham socialite deems Waitrose Egg Custard as ‘a little underwhelming’

His review is quite hilarious.

A well known socialite, from Lytham, took to Facebook to share in his abject disappointment upon splashing out on an egg custard tart of the ‘Waitrose’ variety, that wasn’t quite as special as it could have been.

“Sampled an Egg Custard of the WAITROSE variety this week. 🍮💰🤑💸💵💳
Considering the premium price and branding, a little underwhelming.
Nutmeg sparse and uneven……issues with crust/egg separation as evident in pics. Good consistency and sturdiness upon bite. Average taste. Could have been more yellow.
That is all. Enjoy your evening. X”

Our thoughts are with him at this sad time.

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