Lytham St. Anne’s Schools Reopen Tomorrow! High School Students To Take ‘Voluntary’ Lateral Flow Tests In School.

Lytham St. Anne’s Schools will be reopening their doors tomorrow, some for the first time in 2021.

Lytham St. Anne’s High School have produced a fifteen minute video explaining the protocols for the return to the classroom.  It may be viewed here:

In preparation for tomorrow’s reopening, fifty-seven million Covid-19 lateral flow test packs have been sent to high schools and colleges in England an attempt to ensure a  safe return and break any chains of transmission. The Times has reported that the Government has spent about £1 billion on ‘lateral flow’ tests, which give a result in minutes and do not need a laboratory to process.  However, these tests can be inaccurate and produce false positives and negatives.

Some 3.41 million secondary pupils will be expected to take three rapid ‘lateral flow’ tests in the largest mass testing scheme ever conducted in this country.  However, these swabs are voluntary and there are fears this initiative could fall into chaos as many parents have yet to sign consent forms. The Daily Mail has reported that in some high schools, fewer than half of families have agreed to the tests.

If a student tests negative after their first test, they will be able to attend lessons.  If they test positive they must go home and self-isolate.

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