Poor Walter, 3 years after being rescued, his owner writes that he’s the victim of a brutal dog attack in Witch Wood earlier today.

Just this morning, his owner was updating Walter’s fan club about how he was rescued 3 years ago, and the progress he had made, only to publish a further dog attack she alleges he was the victim of just hours later.

His owner wrote, “My spin on things…
3 years ago Walter was a feral dog, beaten, hungry and broken. I’m guessing used as a coursing dog to chase small furries and kept in vile conditions hence his fear of insects and flies. I could be wrong on all counts 🤷‍♀️
Roll on 3 years … He is now a highly respected member of the local community 😂… takes the lions share of a king size bed and absolutely adores cocktail hour when the crisps are out 😄
Walt’s your world 🌍 has definitely changed 😘🐕”

His owner then updated- “So life changes on a sixpence…. a short walk through the woods as so warm and Walter has been attacked, pinned to the floor and bitten and as he wears a muzzle he couldn’t retaliate, all he could do was scream ….
This dog has punctured his back and his leg and broken his toe nail. The woman grabbed her dog stuck a slip lead over its head shouted abuse at me for screaming at her and her son and ran off leaving me and my friend badly shaken Walt’s injured and quivering. We are home now and I’ve bathed his wounds coated in antiseptic and covered with a barrier cream. Always my lovely Walter 😥”

The bottom pictures are her appeal on Facebook, and picture of the dog and owner alleged in the attack. The dog warden has been informed. Please take care of you walk your dog in Witch Wood.

If you wish to follow the humorous and heartwarming story of Walter, the local legend here’s the link.

Get well soon Walter ❤️

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