UPDATE: Abi and Reegan who walked 300 miles for charity have doubled their target!

An update from our story on 6th August 2020, where two young girls Abigail and Reegan began their journey to walk 300 miles within the Blackpool and Fylde area, in 30 days in order to raise money for Easterleigh Animal Sanctuary.

The girls set out with a target of £500 in order to raise money for the animal sanctuary which was struggling during lockdown as charity shops, their main source of income, had closed due to the pandemic.

Abi and Reegan shared their progress throughout August on their Facebook page, where locals supported and followed their journey.

We are excited to announce to our readers that Abi and Reegan smashed their target and went above and beyond, with their current amount raised at £1,205.50!

We wanted to say a massive well done to Abi and Reegan, it is truly inspiring to see young people do something to make a change and help others.

If you would like to donate to Abi and Reegan’s cause please donate on their GoFundMe page HERE

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