Weather warning for dogs

As we expect the hottest day of the year so far, please plan your dogs walks and welfare with the high temperatures in mind.

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⚠️❗️Weather Warning❗️⚠️

The next week or so is to be incredibly hot. Please look after dogs in this heat. It can easily be fatal.

Here’s some tips on how to keep them cool:

🔹Do NOT exercise them in this heat. They will not die from not being exercised but may very well die from heat stroke. Even a walk in the morning may be too hot as this morning it was 23 degrees by 8am. Particularly the Brachycephalic breeds (short snout).

🔹Ensure all your animal has shelter or shade if possible.

🔹Constant access to clean, fresh water is an absolute must.

🔹Provide a paddling pool for your dog but keep it in the shade.

🔹If you think your dog may be suffering from heat stoke then you need to act fast. Cool the patient with cold water all over as soon as possible and call a veterinarian.

🔹Know the warning signs of heat stroke:
❗️Excess panting / breathing
❗️Sticky, pale (white) gums

Please keep yourselves and animals safe in the coming heat. Don’t underestimate the toll it can have on pets

Obviously don’t even think about leaving your dog in car or van. 🙄

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