A Remarkable Bust Unveiled By Two Special Ladies At Lytham Hall

Applause and cheers filled the air at Lytham Hall yesterday afternoon (Tuesday 1st August) as the bust of Violet Clifton was ceremoniously unveiled to the delight of the gathered crowd.

At the gathering, the Mayor of Fylde, Councillor Cheryl Little, read a story of how the bust came about and its purpose looking down the south prospect garden. This area of garden is now filled with an avenue of two herbaceous borders with all the shades of violet packed into their colour scheme.

The Mayor then invited Denise Hadley and Anne Bouget to unveil this wonderful work of art. These two very special ladies have been instrumental in bringing the story of Violet Clifton back to life. With Denise as story teller and Anne acting the part of the lady herself, they have both performed their special talk across many parts of Fylde and beyond.

Agatha, the 1934 Morris 10 (pictured below), delivered the Mayor along with Denise and Anne to make the unveiling all that more authentic. There were even specially made Violet cakes to give out to the audience.

A Lytham Hall spokesperson said, ‘Many thanks to Greg Anderton for all his help and the host of volunteers that have worked so hard in creating this fine section of the south prospect garden. Very special thanks to sculptress Kathy Even for producing this remarkable bust of the last resident of Lytham Hall.’

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