A Round-Up & Thank You Following Buzz Drones First Light Show Last Friday

Buzz Drones have released this round-up and thank you following their first drone show last Friday 8th March.

Buzz Drones have said, ‘Kicking off with a massive thank you to all the local businesses and representatives thereof that were invited to this private demonstration. The aim was to demonstrate and show off the  inner workings of how a Drone Light Show is conducted.

Thank you to Lytham Hall for their wonderful hospitality and support, creating a fabulous atmosphere for the guests. Also, @Blackpool Air Traffic for their support and clearance to conduct an operation at this level.

The weather was against us causing a small delay, meaning that we had to monitor the situation by the minute, as we did not want to compromise the safety of the whole operation. This meant that all our flight crew was maxed – out and so busy on the night that sadly with all hands to the pump, we were unable to give live updates. Really proud that we could get the show completed, albeit we had to fly at a much lower altitude than originally planned.

It is a shame that it wasn’t as visible locally as hoped, but as mentioned, due to constraints out of our control, we had to lower the flight altitude and focus on the safety of the show.

This is the first time a Drone Light Show has been conducted in the area and we are hoping to bring this fabulous spectacle to the Fylde Coast and across the North West in the future.’

Lytham St. Anne’s News thanks Buzz Drones for their  expertise and skill in presenting their very first drone show and look forward to future displays.

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