Anti-Mask Campaigners Desecrate Benches on Clifton Street, Lytham

Dangerous anti-mask campaigners have daubed potentially life-threatening graffiti on Clifton Street by placing anti-mask stickers and anti-covid propaganda on benches in full view of passerby’s on Lythams busiest road for footfall.

Residents and day-trippers alike are horrified at the stickers which claim Covid-19 is a Scam by labelling it “Scamdemic Covid-19” and “Live in Fear Wear a Mask”

The most alarming sticker put on the social distancing signs installed by Fylde Council state “All they had to do to strip you have your freedom was re brand the flu and convince you that its a threat to your existence ”

It is believed local councillors have been contacted who are informing Fylde Council for the immediate removal of this propaganda

The benches are popular for the more elderly residents of Lytham to take rest.


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